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Tulsa man reportedly uses banana to draw attention while exposing himself in midtown neighborhood

by: Lynn Casey Updated:


TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

  • Tulsa police say a man is using a banana to draw attention to himself as he exposes himself in a midtown neighborhood.
  • They say they've received several calls about the man.
  • They are investigating. 


Police say they are searching for a man accused of using a banana to draw attention to himself as he exposed himself to people in a midtown Tulsa neighborhood.

Police say they received several calls on two separate days within the past week of a man exposing himself.

Each caller described a short, white man, around age 60, wearing a white t-shirt and khaki shorts.

The callers reported the man was carrying a single banana at his side. They say they could see that his pants were unzipped and he was exposing himself when they looked at the banana.

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Police say the man was seen walking south on Jamestown at 37th Street Monday morning.

Investigators say they have not been able to find the suspect, and they believe it’s likely that he takes off as soon as someone has clearly seen what he’s doing.

They say the reports are all in the same area.

The woman who called 911 says it was upsetting, because she has three daughters who love to go to the many nearby shops and to their friends’ houses. She also runs a business in the same area, so she wants neighbors to be on the lookout, so they can catch the suspect.

Police say this type of activity can often serve as a “starter” crime and can quickly escalate to much more serious ones.

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