• Tulsa cashier refuses to quit her job after robbery, because suspect 'would win'

    By: Sara Whaley


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Tulsa police are looking to identify the man who robbed the Quality Mart near 41st place and 25th West Avenue on January 17.
    • Wednesday, FOX23 got video of the robbery.
    • It shows the suspect walk in, point a gun and demand cash and cigarettes.
    • Audio reveals that the clerk is obviously terrified.
    • She actually seems to have a moment of disbelief before she realizes what’s happening.
    • The clerk gives him what he wants and the suspect leaves.
    • She told FOX23 she almost quit, but she says then the thief “would win,” and she believes she couldn’t let him do that.

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