• Street Cred 66 highlights potential new travel options for Tulsa

    By: Nina Carter


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Street Cred 66 was hosted by Tulsa Young Professionals
    • It took place on 11th Street between Peoria and Delaware
    • The purpose was to showcase new travel options for the city

    A re-imagined portion of Route 66 drew thousands of people to midtown Tulsa Saturday for Street Cred 66.

    The Tulsa Young Professional’s event was hosted along 11th Street between Peoria and Delaware. It showcased the possibility of bike lanes and additional buses in the city.

    Norm Waters told FOX23 that biking is his favorite way to get around Tulsa, but it can be dangerous.

    “In two lanes of traffic people don’t seem to take into consideration that we have to follow the same rules they do. You still get yelled at and side swiped,” Waters said.

    Event coordinators are hoping it will help revitalize the area and bring more travel options to the city.

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