• Shriners offer plastic surgery for 4-year-old Tulsa boy burned by boiling water

    By: Sara Whaley


    Story Highlights

    • Mikell Wortham is accused of neglecting her four-year-old and pouring boiling water on him for punishment.
    • The Akdar Shrine has offered to help the boy by giving him plastic surgery.
    • Anyone can request similar help from the Shriners.

    TULSA, Okla. - The Akdar Shrine is stepping in to help a child whose mother is now in jail, accused of abusing him.

    FOX23 told you in late January when Tulsa Police arrested Mikell Wortham.

    Police said she wasn’t feeding her four-year-old boy and that she admitted to pouring boiling water on him for punishment.

    The boy now has permanent scars on his face from the water.

    The Shriners said they saw the news report and called Hilcrest to see how they could help.

    They have been in touch with the boy’s foster parents, and if they agree, the Shriners said they are going to take the boy to their burn hospital in Galveston for plastic surgery.

    The Galveston hospital is one of more than 20 Shriners hospitals nationwide that are dedicated to helping kids.

    Anyone can ask for their help.

    For more information or to donate go to http://akdarshrine.org/

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