• Secret Service, Tulsa police search for counterfeit victims

    By: Angela Hong


    TULSA, Okla. - The Secret Service and Tulsa police are looking for more victims who wound up with fake money.
    Police arrested Danielle Eaton of Oakhurst Saturday after he allegedly tried to use fake $100 bills at a hardware store.
    On Saturday, a clerk at the home depot at 41st and Sheridan noticed something strange about the two $100 bills he had gotten from a customer. He called police who then arrested Eaton.
    “She was having trouble keeping her bills caught up,” said Charles Glover, the suspect’s father.
    FOX23 went to Eaton’s home Monday and spoke with her father who said she was having financial problems.
    “If she had asked me I would have pulled my wallet out,” he said.
    The Secret Service told FOX23 that Eaton bleached $1 bills and printed $100 bills onto them. Eaton told investigators she used the fake money at different locations including gas stations and a fireworks shop.
    In front of her home there were signs fireworks had been recently set off. If the allegations are true, her father said he’s disappointed.
    “I’m upset. Real upset.  I guess she wanted to do it on her own, she didn’t want my help. She wanted to do it on her own so she wouldn’t be a burden on me,” he said.
    Police and the Secret Service believe Eaton may have spent some of the counterfeit money in the western part of Tulsa County or Sapulpa, near where she lived.
    Now they’re hoping businesses come forward to help build their case. Business owners in the Oakhurst area said they will look over the cash they have.
    Police found more fake $100 bills and a large amount of meth at Eaton’s home.

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