• Weather fears - from thermophobia to cryophobia

    By: Megan McClellan


    Quick Facts:

    • Different weather fears range from storms to temperatures
    • Some fears can make it difficult to go outside even during nice weather


    Different Weather Fears:

    • Nephophobia - the fear of clouds
    • Thermophobia - fear of heat
    • Chinonophobia - fear of snow
    • Cryophobia - fear of cold
    • Bronophobia - fear of lightning/thunder
    • Astraphobia - fear of thunderstorms
    • Lilapsophobia - fear of hurricanes/tornadoes
    • Ancraophonia - fear of wind
    • Ombrophobia - fear of rain
    • Homichlophobia - fear of fog
    • Heliophobia - fear of the sun
    • Antlophobia - fear of floods


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