• More wet or More white Christmas

    By: Phil Price


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts: 

    • Measurable rain fell in Tulsa on Christmas just five times since 1950. The most recent happened in 2006-- a scant 0.02".
    • Christmas Day 1987 holds the record for most precipitation record on Christmas Day at 1.29". Much of that fell in the form of a cold rain or freezing rain.
    • Snow on Christmas Day? Surprisingly Tulsa has the same number as measurable rain: five.
    • The most snow fell in Tulsa on Christmas in 1975 with is 1.3".
    • As for thunderstorms? Weather records dating back to 1950 don't show a report of any on Christmas.
    • Tulsa does have some warm Christmases on record-- five Christmas Days with temperatures in the 70's. The record high is 73° in 1971.  
    • Will Christmas 2016 continue the streak of 60° days? Both 2014 & 2015 managed to reach the 60° mark.
    • The coldest?  Christmas 1983 saw the high reach just 12° after a morning low of -2°. Both records
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