• No major changes for mid-February drought monitor

    By: Megan McClellan


    With continued temperature swings, strong winds, and drought conditions continuing to worsen, the grass fire risk stays increased.

    The Drought Monitor continues to get worse from the mid-January map.


    The map from January 16 shows "Severe Drought" across southern and southeastern parts of Green Country. The majority (84%) of Oklahoma is considered to be in one of the drought categories. The remaining 16% is in the "Abnormally Dry" category.

    The next week showed 99% of the state in the drought categories with 14.5% in "Extreme Drought" in western parts of the state.

    In Green Country, the "Severe Drought" category is more widespread with the new Drought Monitor released February 1st. From Jan 23 to Jan 30, the "Severe" and "Extreme" drought categories increased from a cumulative 52.62% to 81.45%!


    The monitor from Thursday, February 8, showed expanded drought categories. Since January 30, the "Severe" and "Extreme" categories have increased nearly 7% to 88.40% of the state being in those categories.

    The "Extreme" category became more widespread across the Oklahoma Panhandle and western parts of the state. Also, parts of south-central Oklahoma have been added to that category (around Ada and Tishomingo).

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