Priceless keepsakes from two-week-old's funeral returned to Copan couple

By: Lynn Casey


COPAN, Okla. - Quick facts:

  • Someone reportedly stole priceless keepsakes from Jason and Harlie Tatum.
  • They say someone took a safe full of funeral keepsakes after their two-week-old son's death.
  • A Copan man said he found a bag on the table containing the missing items at the local post office.


Jason and Harlie Tatum of Copan say that, thanks to a local man, some priceless keepsakes are back in their possession.

FOX23 told you about the couple last week as they begged thieves to return a safe that held nothing but a photo album and funeral keepsakes of their two-week-old son Elijah, who died six years ago.

Yesterday, Copan man Chance Bishop walked into the post office to get his mail and saw a bag on the table with a note.

In the note, someone who claimed to be a friend of the thief said they wanted to make sure they did the right thing by returning the album back to the family.

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Bishop posted the information to Facebook and was able to get in touch with Tatum within an hour.

Everything from inside the safe was still there.

The Tatums say they are grateful to all the TV stations and their local newspaper, who put their plea out to the public, to all the people who shared their plea online, to the thief’s friend who returned the safe and to Chance Bishop for returning their memories.

For the future, the couple says they will make a duplicate photo album to keep at home, while the original will go into a safety deposit box.

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