• Police search for suspects after violent home invasion in east Tulsa

    By: Sara Whaley


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Police are looking for Elroy Beverly and Caleek Moore.
    • They say the two are involved with a violent home invasion in east Tulsa.
    • They are accused of saying they'd sell the victim a computer and then invading that individual's home.


    Two people have been charged in a violent home invasion police say happened just a couple of days after Christmas.

    Right now, detectives are looking for Elroy Beverly and Caleek Moore.

    Police originally sought a third suspect, but charges were dropped after he provided an alibi.

    They say the group is responsible for invading a Hispanic man’s apartment, pistol whipping him and robbing him

    Police say it happened at the Saw Mill Apartments near 31st and 129th.

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    Detectives say the victim had agreed to buy a computer from the suspects.

    Police say the victim told them that when he heard the knock, he opened his door expecting the sellers.

    Police say instead of bringing the computer for an actual sale, the suspects brought guns.

    Both of the suspects are convicted felons.

    Police remind people this is the reason it’s always good to meet sellers in a public place, like a police station.

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