• Police: Man using size to intimidate Tulsans to get their money

    By: Sara Whaley


    TULSA, Okla. - Tulsa police said a man is using his size to intimidate people into giving him money. Officers have arrested William Hurley several times for aggressive begging.
    But they said he keeps bonding out of jail and striking again.
    Police said Hurley isn’t going after anyone in particular. They said he threatens people until they give him money.
    Busy parking lots and gas stations are what police are calling prime targets for Hurley’s begging.
    “He kind of presses you and puts you into a corner so to speak. He kind of intimidates you into giving him some money,” said Sgt. Mike Fitzegeral with Tulsa police.
    “That’s like making me have a panic attack. I don’t like that,” said shopper Leslie Croteau.
    Croteau frequents the area police said Hurley likes to hit. It’s any area from 51st to 91st on Mingo Road.
    “That’s scary. I shop out here in this area all the time. That’s just not right,” Croteau said.
    Officers said Hurley also goes by the name Lance Cleveland. So far he’s only used his size as his weapon. Police said Hurley is 6 foot 3 and 260 pounds.
    “He is a pretty big man, so he’s intimidating. And when they get pushed back into that corner they feel they need to give him something or they don’t know what will happen,” Fitzegeral said.
    Hurley was arrested the 91st and Mingo QuikTrip last Friday. He bonded out the next day.
    Police said to try to always have a cellphone handy so that if you’re approached you can make it clear that you are dialing 911.

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