• Police find guns, drugs after north Tulsa chase

    By: Sharon Phillips


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Police chased two suspects through north Tulsa this weekend.
    • The chase ended with a crash near a home.
    • Officers found guns and drugs in the car.


    A high-speed chase through north Tulsa ended with two people behind bars and police finding crystal meth and guns.

    The chase reached 80 mph before the driver crashed near a Tulsa home. Police initially tried to pull the driver over when they noticed he was traveling 15 mph over the limit.

    Officers arrested Kyle Underwood and Ryan Wooten. A meth pipe and several bags full of the drug were found inside the car.

    Police also found marijuana in the center console and two guns.

    Both suspects have previous felony convictions.

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