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Okmulgee County prepares for possible flooding

by: Price McKeon Updated:


OKMULGEE COUNTY, Okla. - Okmulgee County Emergency Management isn’t taking any risks with the threat of flash flooding.
FOX23’s Price McKeon learned about multiple ways the county’s prepared for intense flooding.
The emergency management director said they're ready if all the rain starts flooding roads. FOX23 found crews on standby and ready to take temporary road closed signs onto the streets.
“They’ve got the barricades ready to go and block the road,” said Tim Craighton, with Okmulgee County Emergency Management.

Craighton said the signs could save lives.
“So many people like to drive through high water and it takes just about 6 inches of water to wash you off the road,” he said.
He said last year they had so much flooding in Okmulgee County that this year they’ve double the number of barricades.
This year they’ve bought 96 cones, but they’ve taken it even further.
“So we've put in permanent signs because there are so many places that flood,” he said.
The message on the sign is clear: “When flooded turn around. Don’t drown.”
“So we've placed permanent signs in those prominent places so we don’t have to get there immediately and we can cover some other places,” he said.
But he said a clear message doesn’t mean people always listen so they have used a pile of dirt to block a road.
He said they’ll do whatever they need to do to keep people safe.