• Oklahoma license plates advertise tourism while state parks face possible closure


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Oklahoma license plates advertise tourism and TravelOK.com.
    • The website features Oklahoma state parks.
    • 16 state parks could close if lawmakers don't secure funding in the new budget.


    Oklahoma’s new license plate could soon point people to attractions that are no longer available because of the state budget crisis.

    FOX23 reported earlier this week that up to 16 of 33 state parks face the possibility of closure.

    The new light blue license plate features the Tourism and Recreation Department’s TravelOK.com website along with an “Explore Oklahoma” tagline.

    The website showcases Oklahoma’s state parks.

    Officials told FOX23 in the past that they have no more room to cut in the budget, and now lawmakers face tough choices.

    While tourism officials are lobbying lawmakers to secure proper funding, Oklahoma drivers could soon be left advertising a website that features state parks no longer in operation.

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