• Official Position: Do not dip Pop-Tarts in ranch


    Straight out of the box, frozen, toasted, sandwiched between more treats- there are many ways to enjoy the Pop-Tart, and the brand doesn't seem to mind. 

    Thinking of dipping the toaster pastry? Chocolate, caramel and fruit dips might be good ideas. 

    But apparently Pop-Tart draws the line at one of Oklahoma's favorite dipping sauces: ranch.

    Twitter user Ctaylor shared a video that appears to show a strawberry-flavored Pop-Tart headed for a dish of ranch dressing, declaring "You ain't from Oklahoma if you don't dip your Pop Tart in Ranch Dressing."

    The brand responded, retweeting the picture with the caption "This is just disrespectful."

    It's not the first time Pop-Tarts responded negatively to a fan's idea. 

    Creating a grilled cheese with the treat is also "unacceptable. 


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