Murder charges filed after Tulsa man's death allegedly stems from 2016 beating

By: Sara Whaley


TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

  • William Cooper is accused of beating Brobeggar Willis in January 2016.
  • Willis died in July 2017.
  • Now, prosecutors have filed a murder charge against Cooper.


Tulsa County prosecutors have filed a murder charge against a man accused of beating another man nearly two years ago.

William Cooper is now wanted in the death of Brobeggar Willis.

FOX23 has been following the case since the alleged beating in January 2016.

Prosecutors originally filed assault charges against Cooper as Willis was still alive, but those charges were later dropped when witnesses didn’t show up for court.

In July of this year, Willis died, and the medical examiner ruled it was from complications due to the beating.

Prosecutors filed the murder charge Tuesday, and police say they can arrest witnesses if they don’t show up for court, so the case should hold.

Police say had the original charges not been dropped, they would have run into a double jeopardy situation.

The death is going to be listed as Tulsa’s 74th homicide of the year.

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