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Mike Gundy navigates New Orleans on hoverboard

by: Andrew Carter Updated:


NEW ORLEANS - Quick Facts:

  • Oklahoma State Cowboys days away from playing in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans 
  • Coach Mike Gundy took to the streets of NOLA on a hoverboard 
  • He said the players didn't think he could do it, so he proved them wrong

The Oklahoma State Cowboys are a couple days from playing Ole Miss in the Sugar Bowl looking to finish the season 11-2.

Until then, the players and coaches are enjoying New Orleans balancing play time with football.

The man leading the charge is head coach Mike Gundy. Gundy was spotted on the streets of New Orleans riding a hoverboard.

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"Some of the players and children of the coaches on the team suggested I couldn't ride one of them, that they are too hard," said Gundy.

Gundy survived the test run, and even analyzed his performance.

"I thought I was pretty good to be honest with you. A couple times I got a little top-heavy but because there were so many people around I'm glad that I didn't fall," said Gundy.

His players were a little shocked.

"I was a little impressed how good he was on it, I was kind of suprirsed. He probably made sure he was good at it before he got up there and did it in front of people," said senior wide receiver David Glidden.

Others were a little jealous.

"I can't do it, but he can," said senior cornerback Kevin Peterson.

The Cowboys practiced inside the Superdome for the first time on Wednesday as focus starts to shift towards gameday on January 1st.