• Water main break could affect your morning commute in North Tulsa


    TULSA, Okla. - City of Tulsa crews started working to repair a water line break in north Tulsa, early Friday morning.

     The line ruptured around midnight on north Memorial, near Admiral and King streets.

    FOX23 went to the scene and spoke with workers about how long this could affect Tulsa’s commute.

    A City of Tulsa supervisor with the city’s water department said it was 12-inch pipe that broke.

    He also said, they are working to repair the line and keep water from running into the street. 

    FOX23 was on scene around 5 a.m. when the water started draining, but our team was also on there when the street looked almost flooded, just before 1 a.m. Friday.

    Water filled part of North Memorial, in between Latimer and East King Street.

    We didn’t see many cars were out on the roadways before 7 a.m., but those who were out were forced to slow down because the water had risen up to the curb.

    FOX23 was told, this water line is not affecting water service to any homes in the North Tulsa area.

    Crews said it should take about 8 hours to fix the water main break, so the primary focus Friday morning is rush hour traffic as people start to get up and go to work and the street becomes busier.

    FOX23 is going to stay on scene and monitor the progress and the traffic as it picks up and we will bring you updated information every hour, until 9 a.m., on FOX23 news This Morning. 

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