University of Tulsa will unveil new student union

By: Andrew Carter


TULSA, Okla. - There are big changes for the University of Tulsa this school year.
FOX23’s Andrew Carter got a sneak peek at what TU is set to unveil later this month.
TU is building a new student union.
“We’ve been working on it since last December but plans have been discussed for the last two to three years,” said Mike Neal, TU director of dining services.
Inside the union you’ll see, “mostly retail and eating establishments. There will be one convenience store and a faculty club on the second floor,” he said.
It will include nine new eating establishments, per student request.
“They gave us a list of options that they’d like to see, this meets all of those items that the kids had come forth with and said hey we’d really be interested in getting these on campus,” he said.
Neal told FOX23 the union will be open to the public and it should be ready in just a few weeks if all goes to plan.
“It’s a great personal challenge with my team and my staff to actually get all these things up and running; we think we’ll be ready to go Aug 25, the first day of class,” he said.
For now, they’re in the final steps of making this multiyear plan come to life.
“It’s amazing, it’s amazing...really looking forward to, again, the challenge of opening, but more importantly, meeting the needs of the students at large,” said Neal.
The new student union will also have conference rooms on the second floor available by request.


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