• Union football players get special mouth guards to stop concussions

    By: Martina Del Bonta


    TULSA, Okla. - With football season a few weeks away one school is making sure kids are safe by giving them a new mouth guard.
    It’s called brain pad and what makes it unique is that it covers the upper and lower part of the player’s jaw.
    Union senior Malik Hanson is excited for the upcoming season.
    “It’s my last year and I have to get ready for college and become more responsible,” he said.
    And he’s happy his school is being responsible too. He showed FOX23 his new brain pad that will help protect him when he’s out on the football field.
    Thursday, Berkshire Dental gave more than 70 football players the brain pad for free. They’ve been doing it for the past five years.
    “It’s a really neat way to give back to the player,” said T.J. Sprague with Berkshire Dental Group.
    They said this mouth guard is helpful because it helps minimize the impact to the skull, especially when players get hit in the jaw.
    “So when someone gets hit in the jaw it can increase concussions. So this with this mouth guard it will decrease the force and keep players safer,” said Sprague.
    With more than 1,700 athletes this past season, Union only had 25 concussions.
    Most of the guys said the process was pretty hot, but worth it. Berkshire Dentals said they plan on fitting Broken Arrow High School as well for free.

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