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Tulsans on alert after 8th attack

by: Tiffany Alaniz Updated:

TULSA, Okla. - As Tulsa police work to find a serial sexual assault suspect, neighbors across the city told FOX23 they are living in fear and they want to know what it will take to catch the man.

Police have linked 8 assaults on women in 24 days to a suspect they have not identified and are still working to locate.

“Be aware of him and try to be safe and aware of your surroundings,” said Leann Coleman, a Tulsan.
Tulsa families are on high alert, FOX23 talked with some who said they’re scared to even go to sleep at night and others fear for the women in their lives.
“Obviously this guy is for himself, if he’s getting bolder and bolder that means he’s going to get careless because he’s getting confident, ‘Oh, they aren’t going to catch me,’ they’re going to catch him, they’ll catch him,” said John Bevens, a Tulsan.
One man told FOX23 he can’t believe the attacks keep happening.
“You know my loved ones, it doesn’t have be anyone I know, you know it’s just the fact that it’s a disorder,” said Moe Lyman.
Tulsans told FOX23 they support police in their efforts but they want the suspect stopped.
“I guess they are doing as much as they can, but as much as they can, they should do, is what I think. Whatever they can do to get him off the street,” said Coleman.
Lyman said me he understands the difficulty police are facing.
“You know, they can only do what they see,” said Lyman.
In east Tulsa, neighbors said their nerves are still frazzled from Sunday’s attack.
“They need to catch the right person, that’s for sure,” said Bevens.
Tulsa police said if you have a tip about immediate suspect information or suspicious activity, you should call 9-1-1.  You can also call Crime Stoppers with any other tips, that number is 596-COPS.