• Tulsa woman unknowingly ingested marijuana chocolate at Denver fair

    By: Lynn Casey


    TULSA, Okla. - A Tulsa woman’s trip to the Denver County Fair landed her in the hospital.
    The Med Center in Tulsa was her first stop when she got home. She said a vendor at the fair gave her chocolate with THC in it after he told her repeatedly it was clean.
    “It was just really horrifying,” said Kari Mitchell.
    Mitchell’s trip to the Denver County Fair as a performer ended with a trip to the ER. During a free moment she went to tour the fair’s pot pavilion. It was new this year to celebrate the state’s new legalized marijuana status.
    “All the vendors had to sign contracts stating that there would be no drugs allowed inside,” Mitchell said.
    The booths could sell paraphernalia but no actual pot products. A vendor told her there was no THC in the chocolate bars he was handing out.
    “I asked them twice. I said, ‘Is there anything in this?’ They said no. I said, ‘No pot, or anything?’ And they said no, it’s just samples,” Mitchell said.
    So Mitchell said she believed them.
    “It had 10 pieces on it; I ate all 10. The next 24 hours was the most crazy experience of my entire life,” Mitchell said.
    Mitchell’s friends found her wandering by train tracks and took her to the hospital. She said she was always an advocate for marijuana legalization but she had always chosen not to do it herself. That’s why she’s mad.
    “I didn’t get to choose to do that, myself. You know, if that was a conscious choice I total understand, but I was drugged,” Mitchell said.
    She’s not the only one who said that. A Denver man said he and his wife met the same people with chocolate bars, around the same time, and he ended up in the ER too.
    “Honestly, I thought I was having either a stroke or a heart attack,” Jordan Coombs said.
    Both Mitchell and Coombs tested positive at the hospital for THC. A fair spokesperson said they’ve been working with Denver police and they’re investigating the company that contracted the booth. 

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