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Tulsa woman: "I didn't know I lived in a crack house"

by: Sara Whaley Updated:


TULSA, Okla. - FOX23 is learning more about the 51 people indicted in Tulsa Tuesday.

The indictment explains that the Donald Walters Gang used all sorts of tactics to try and outsmart law enforcement.

“These are some very bad actors,” FBI special agent Jim Finch said.

They allegedly ditched cell phones on a regular basis and moved crack houses around.

 The indictment listed the houses and apartment complexes they used.

 There were more than 15 all over Tulsa.

 “This criminal enterprise was in essence an ongoing crime wave that served as an undeserved banter on the lives of the citizens in Tulsa,” Finch said.

 Cheryl Barre is one of those citizens.

 She is now unsuspectedly leasing one of the suspected crack houses.

 “I just moved into the house because it was cute house, andI liked the house,” Barre said.

 She realized something was up when it was shot at 2 weeks later.

 “My grandson was in there, and he could’ve been killed,” Barre said. “Had I known I would have never moved into the house and put myself and my family in that situation.”

The indictment says the gang also targeted apartment complexes, trading drugs for use of the space, but usually forcing the residents to comply.

The US Attorney’s Office says 51 people in the gang will now pay for their apparent actions, but the Drug Enforcement Agency knows there are other drug trades out there, so the battle is far from over.

“These drug cartels make their living on the backs of addiction. They’re not going stop, but neither are we. “

As for Barre, she’s moving.

“I am packing as we speak,” she said.

Investigators said the drug operation moved approximately 600 kilos of cocaine through Tulsa in the 3 year period.

That has a street value of around $10 million.

Right now, 23  of the 51 defendants are in custody.

Read the full 217 page indictment here.