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Tulsa neighbors more vigilant in light of attacks

by: Angela Hong Updated:


TULSA, Okla. - In light of eight sexual assaults on women around Tulsa, FOX23 learned neighborhoods are stepping up trying to raise awareness about the attacks.
FOX23’s Angela Hong spoke with Tulsa’s Crime Prevention Network and they said their phones have been busy with requests.
In light of these attacks people want to make their neighborhoods safer.

“I know my best friend called me this morning … she slept with a shotgun,” said Amy Tidwell with Midtown Alert Neighbors.
With a serial sexual assault suspect still on the loose women are taking safety precautions they never did before.  Tidwell is a part of the alert neighbors program in her midtown neighborhood, where some of the assaults occurred.
“It’s made my family less lazy, and my neighbors less lazy about securing your house and sometimes we need a wakeup call like that and that’s unfortunate,” said Tidwell.
Carol Bush is the executive director of the Crime Prevention Network. She said since the attacks the Alert Neighbors program has become very popular.
“We noticed a spike in calls from people wanting to start their Alert Neighbors program or reactivate their program,” said Bush.
And neighbors are more alert calling in suspicious activity.
“Not only are 911 and the non-emergency number getting lots of calls so is Crime Stoppers. We’re getting more calls than we can shake a stick to which is great,” she said.
Jake Floyd said he’s concerned for the safety of his wife and daughters, he’s too, made changes at home.
“I am turning on the alarms—we’ve put up some lights and motion sensors. This guy has to get caught… or be taken out,” he said.
Since these attacks the alert neighbors in midtown said more than 1,000 people have followed their social media page looking for updates.
The Crime Prevention Network is also hosting safety seminars.