• Tulsa man accused of molesting young girls at apartment complex

    By: Sara Whaley


    TULSA, Okla. - A Tulsa man is in jail Wednesday night and accused of sexually assaulting young girls at a north Tulsa apartment complex.
    Police arrested Marc Ssalli last week and the district attorney is moving forward with molestation and sexual battery charges after he assaulted multiple girls at the Edenwood Apartments.
    Investigators said the man is homeless and that he frequented the area. Police said a few people felt bad for him so that would invite him into their apartments. That mistake led to three victims on three different occasions in the same complex.
    “(He was) cuddling, kissing, touching them on their private parts. Things of that nature,” said Detective Chase Calhoun with the TPD Sex Crimes Unit.
    Calhoun said the victims range in age from 11-17.
    “The first victim was initially scared to come forward. She was the youngest victim,” Calhoun said.
    Eventually she got the courage and told investigators she was sleeping at a friend’s place when the man abused her.
    “The resident of that apartment allowed the man to stay there on a few nights,” Calhoun said.
    He said Ssali attacked a different child in the same apartment a few nights later.
    “It makes you angry because children are innocent,” said neighbor Jonny Johnson.
    Johnson lives near the complex and said he was sad to hear about the abuse but wasn’t necessarily shocked.
    “It’s not right, but then again that’s the type of environment that’s out here,” Johnson said.
    Police said Ssali was also hanging around nearby parks where children often play.
    “It makes him a threat and a danger to all children in the community,” Calhoun said.
    Calhoun said the third attack happened when someone let Ssali in to use the bathroom.
    “She felt sorry for him,” Calhoun said.
    The victim in that apartment said Ssali groped her on the way out.
    Court documents show that Ssali was charged with molesting a 15-year-old girl at a YMCA two years ago but a jury found him not guilty.

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