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Tulsa father finds dangerous object at playground

by: Nina Carter Updated:


TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:


  • Tulsa man finds dangerous object at Zeigler Park playground
  • Object was made of several nails
  • Parents are upset that someone would leave it out where children play


A Tulsa father is telling people to watch their step after he found a dangerous object in the playground where his daughter was playing.

The object was fashioned out of what appeared to be a bottle cap and several nails. It was left with the pointed ends facing upwards and would have caused a lot of pain to anyone who stepped.

Jason Steward told FOX23 he brings his daughter to Zeigler Park often and is shocked after seeing the item found there on Thursday.

“It’s disgusting to think that someone would be willing to hurt one of these little kids like that,” Steward said.

Let us know on the FOX23 Facebook page what you would do if you found this outside:

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The man who found the object showed a park employee, but he claimed they just blamed it on teenagers and threw it in the trash. The man then called the police but was told he report would be forwarded to the Parks Department and he would be contacted in about a week.

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FOX23 reached out to Tulsa’s Parks and Recreation Department but did not receive a response.