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Travis Lozada arrested in Okmulgee

by: Sara Whaley Updated:


OKMULGEE, Okla. - A third man is behind bars in connection with the highway shooting death of a 14-year-old girl in May.

The Okmulgee County Sheriff’s Office arrested Travis Lozada Tuesday afternoon.

April Montano’s parents, Maria Montano and Eduardo Mesa, had mixed emotions after getting word of the arrest.

They are glad Lozada is now behind bars, but the pain of losing April is still all too real.

“That isn’t going to bring my little girl back. She’s not coming back to me,” Maria Montano said.

April was killed in May as she was riding in her father’s truck on the Gilcrease Expressway.

Police say David Ruble and Demonte Rushing fired shots at the truck trying to steal the ATVs in the back.

Ruble and Rushing were arrested and charged with murder shortly after. 

Later, the District Attorney's Office also charged Lozada, who was a passenger in the car.

Okmulgee County deputies say they got an anonymous tip Tuesday that led them to Lozada.

“When they called me and told me they got him, I felt a little bit safer,” Mesa said.

They hope April’s suspected killers will be brought to justice in court.

“I hope they pay for what they did to my girl, because it’s been so hard and so painful being without her,” Maria Montano said.