Teen accused of killing dog suits up for big game

A Sequoyah High school student, who posted a picture on facebook of of a pit bull he says he shot with an arrow in self defense, suits up to play in playoffs despite the public outcry against it.

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WyoMoe - 2/26/2013 12:25 PM
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SOMEONE please tell me "What law(s) has he violated and what has he been CHARGED with?????? NONE and NOTHING!!!!!

gettingby - 2/25/2013 11:03 AM
1 Vote
Not many kids playing ball for their high school, ride their talents to a college scholarship much less the NBA. So basketball should be counted as an activity, like chess club. Nothing more. Morals, responsibility, accountability are things that will be used every day for the rest of a student's life. The coach, should have known better if no one else did. If no one else had a clue, a few hundred hours of public service like picking up trash on the roadside through the spring and summer might have cooled the kid's jets. Now he knows he can get away with deplorable behavior, because he already has.

Mayor Maynot - 2/24/2013 10:49 AM
1 Vote
What he did to that poor dog was wrong. Playing on a team, that represents a large group. Win at any cost?? I don't see winners here. I see weak people who will let a game run their lives.

siberianhusky - 2/24/2013 12:58 AM
1 Vote
When the sheriff's office went to question him, they were told he wasn't there...LIE Then, when the death threats started, they said he left the country...LIE He gave three different accounts of what happened 1)his post, 2)it threatened his siblings, 3)the dog looked diseased and growled at him.2 and 3 are LIES. Then, his dad burns the dog..why? The sheriff's office sat and did nothing for 4 days...why? Then, the under sheriff says he has no reason not to believe him? Are you kidding? Green has done nothing but lie. I hope the DA has more luck seeing the truth than the sheriff's office...they have been totally incompetent!

Soprano - 2/23/2013 7:22 PM
2 Votes
This is both appalling and beyond belief that this twisted individual is not being prosecuted, on any level, and allowed to participate in school activities. What type of message is being sent to other young people..that it's permissable to kill an animal, to boast about said killing on social media, to be portrayed as some type of demented "hero"..for killing? People like Caisen Green don't stop with senseless killing of domestic animals and it's doubtful that he has an ounce of parental or other guidance that will ever view this monster for what he is...someone who is mentally un-balanced. More likely Green comes from a home where actions like his are a way of life; a typical mentality that brushes-off an incident like this with some pathetic, fabricated, excuse. One more backwoods segment of society that thinks nothing of torturing and killing helpless animals. At one point, Adam Lanza might have been called "a good kid" too.

heynowjules - 2/23/2013 6:52 PM
2 Votes
This story is disgusting. Someone kills a dog with an arrow in what they claim to be self defense. The picture shows that the dog was shot in the lower abdomen. Hmmmm.... was the "vicious" dog running sideways at him and he had time to shoot an arrow at him. And then to post a picture of the dead dog on Facebook as if he knew he would face no consequences. Shame on the justice system, the town and school for allowing a murderer to not only pay no consequences but to be cheered on as a hero in a game. Yes, high school sports is way more important than the life of a living creature. Disgusting.
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