Tulsa restaurant bans e-cigarette smoking

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Reported by: Farron Salley
Updated: 10/09/2013 6:38 pm Published: 10/09/2013 4:35 pm

A popular electronic cigarette store is bringing new clientele to a burger joint next door. 

Just a few steps away from the Fat Guys at 81st and Memorial is Vapor Eyes, the e-cigarette store.

That close proximity is leading to a blend of customers.

In response, the owners of Fat Guys in south Tulsa have now altered the traditional no smoking signs to include e-cigarettes.

"There have been incidents where somebody will look around and be like 'oh wait I'm probably not allowed to smoke in here,' " said R.C. Cline, the general manager at Fat Guys.

Cline posted the new signs about two weeks ago.

"We'd rather err on the side of caution than have cigarette smoke years down the road and say' oh yea they were exhaling obnoxious chemicals the whole time,' " said Cline.

FOX23 spoke with neighboring business owner Jeremy Dickerson, who said otherwise.

"I've done enough research to know there's nothing harmful in the electronic cigarettes," he said.

He said he enjoys being so close to Fat Guys, because it helps business trickle in to his shop.

"They always fill up the parking lot, get a bunch of business in here throughout the day, get a lot of business into the shopping center so they're a really good neighbor to have," he said.

"We work with them all the time, we share a parking lot for sure," said Cline.

Fat Guys does allow cigarette and electronic cigarette smoking on its outdoor patio. But when you come back inside they want this to be clear.
To smoke indoors, you'll have to go next door.

"Nobody knows what's in that vapor when it's exhaled and it's our concern image wise because you don't know if someone's smoking or it's an e-cigarette," said Cline.

Vapor Eyes has been open for under a month. But the owner says business is going well and for the time, the people at Fat Guys are allowing them to have their business cards inside.

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mcleod6 - 10/25/2013 7:57 AM
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E-cigarettes gain popularity with Oklahomans trying to quit smoking: HELLO we find something that can make us 30/40/50 YR smokers quit & you want to ban it! EXCUSE ME BUT I WAS DIAGNOSED IN MAY 2012 cancer.NO PATCHES,NO GUM NO PILLS NONE OF THAT HAVE HELPED ME MY HUSBAND WHO HAS EMPHYSEMA OR ANY OF MY FRIENDS & FAMILY MEMBERS!The things Gov wants us to use,Speed up our hearts, tremors,hateful mood change ect. And you want us to take those things THAT DON'T WORK INSTEAD OF SOMETHING THAT'S NOT HARMFUL & IS ACTUALLY HELPING SO MANY PEOPLE STOP SMOKING & YOU WANT TO BAN IT! IT EVEN GOES ALL THE WAY DOWN TO 0 NIC UNLIKE ALL THE PILLS & CHEMICALS YOU WANT TO STICK TO OUR BODIES OR HAVE US INGEST SOMETHING THAT DON'T HELP & MAKES YOU HAVE MORE THINGS WRONG WITH YOU.SORRY BUT MY 4 PK A DAY 40 years husband with emphysema couldn't quit till we tried these guess what!HE QUIT & IS from an 18mg to a 10mg since July,ME A 35 year smoker still after being diagnosed couldn't quit! I'm down to a 4 mg from a 18 mg in March.We don't have all the bad side effects from the pills,patches or gum,Which none of them go down to 0mg nic So you trying to help keep us smoking!Or help us STOP!No nic stains,or smell anymore!No 2nd hand SMOKE!No harm like cigs or gov chemicals from things that are harmful to us!

TheFXR - 10/14/2013 11:40 PM
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People including the courts are beginning to realize that "risk" is an emotion that can be manipulated by invoking fear. The evidence of "harm" takes real science and to date none of that evidence has emerged even indoors. While no one in the Public health Mafia has dared to invent a risk by tobacco smoke outdoors. At least not yet. Give them enough money, continue the free pass on integrity [" serving the common good"] and prostitution will become the new norm in medicine. Anyone coached or conned, to believe they can be harmed by second hand tobacco smoke, will never be the brightest bulb in the box. Someone needs to protect them, without doubt.

TheFXR - 10/14/2013 11:31 PM
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This would be hilarious were it not for the expansive ignorance involved in the reasoning. Second hand tobacco smoke indeed has thousands of toxins and carcinogens abet, all below known safe levels. The fat man at the burger joint feeding poison to his customers can not say the same about a flame broiled grill. Indoor air legislation has known that fact for decades. They knew it when they allowed smoking sections indoors,without a wall or obstruction and they knew it when they made him install the overhead ventilation hood over the grill. To protect his clientele. The burning eyes that permeate the line at the cash is good evidence that the vent hood is not entirely efficient in removing the thousands of toxins and carcinogens from the indoor airspace in your typical burger joint. His disrespect for paying clients in a hospitality industry, will no doubt take its toll when people realize the place is run by a burger Nazi. Who places the comfort of what he sees, above the insanity that drives his phobic reasoning. The e-cigarette induces no harm or even nuisance. So what is motivating him to serve up a ban? perhaps deep seated guilt in knowing what he is doing to his clients, is manifesting subconsciously, moving him to draw attention to himself and his own activities, which represent far more danger [beyond risk] Than an e-cigarette will ever be able to muster.

Thulium - 10/12/2013 7:05 PM
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If you want cleaner air, you should encourage people to use their e-cigarettes in your vicinity. Propylene Glycol is a proven safe and effective air sanitizer that neutralizes streptococcus, influenza, and staphylococcus.

derekowalski - 10/11/2013 5:29 PM
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I'm surprised a place called Fat Guys gets that much business...must be good burgers. I've gotten "spoken to" at bars for vaping indoors, but only because they thought it was a real cigarette or a joint. When they realized it was an e-cig they were cool with it. And if anyone's interested in making the switch, my friend just set up an informational site http://www.easycig.net - good for newbies. I can't wait for an e-cig store to open up around here.

Krh74 - 10/11/2013 12:32 AM
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If you want clean air, may I suggest banning perfume and scent put off from air fresheners? Those WILL cause an asthma attack and are WAY more offensive than e cigarettes. Ecigarette vapor is simply that...VAPOR. The ingredients are the exact same ingredients as in breathing treatments, just with nicotine added. The nicotine is absorbed by the vapers body, no one else's. A little education goes a long way, people. It is not a tobacco product and the user should not be discriminated against. Thanks for the heads up. This company will not get my business. I am not a vaper or smoker. I just get angry when some company discriminates against clientele that are causing ZERO harm to their establishment.

Gregg777 - 10/10/2013 1:49 PM
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Id rather not breathe in anything that comes out of someone elses body that i dont have too. And by the way years ago studies couldnt confirm cigarettes as a cause of cancer either. Its his choice and what a great decision he has made. Freakin cry babies is what most of you seem like by what your comments read, so replace your e-cigarette with your thumb and go eat a burger.

Philip - 10/10/2013 11:12 AM
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Thank you Fat Guy's! It isn't about whether the vapor contains nicotine or not, it is about the obnoxious smell of the vapor. I don't want to smell someone's vapor while I am trying to eat my lunch or dinner.

5KRunner - 10/10/2013 11:01 AM
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I think the customers at Fat Guys Burgers need to be a lot more worried about what they're putting into their bodies just by eating there than the vapor from e-cigarettes. Maybe if the owner of Fat Guys is so concerned about peoples health he should close his shop. As it is he just looks stupid making claims without doing his research.

Matt Zuke - 10/10/2013 9:55 AM
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"I absolutely HATE cigarettes and these stupid vapor things" This doesn't make sense. Someone with asthma who's sensitive to cigarette smoke loves these "stupid vapor things" as they don't trigger asthma attacks. Cigarettes are offensive because of their odor, an odor you can smell as far as a block away which lingers for days. E-cigarettes do not.
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