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Tulsa Man Held On $2 Million Bond

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Updated: 10/06/2010 4:14 pm Published: 10/05/2010 1:26 pm

A man well acquainted with Tulsa Police is back in jail with bond set at $2 million.

On Tuesday, the Tulsa Police Fugitive & Warrants Unit arrested Allen Shields, 34, for trafficking large amounts of cocaine.

Just a few months ago Shields posted more than $1 million bond in connection with the murder-for-hire of Tulsa businessman Neil Sweeney.

FOX23’s Abbie Alford was the only reporter there as Shields was taken into custody.

Since February records show Shields has been able to post more than $1.2 million in bonds.

The break down: Shields got a $90,000 bond when he was charged with attacking and attempting to kidnap his girlfriend.

That was upped to no bond then all the charges except for burglary were dropped in that case and his bond was set at $25,000 and he was released from jail.

Then Shields got arrested in connection with the murder-for-hire of Neil Sweeney. A $5 million bond was reduced to $1 million and he was able to make bail. He’s been out since June but Tuesday he was sleeping in a jail cell.

Allen Shields is a man linked to all kinds of trouble and sounded surprised as he was being arrested on drug charges.

“I would like to know what I am under arrest for?" asks Shields. Another officer tells him, “Drug trafficking.” Shields then made the statement, “Drug trafficking? Please!"

Two counts of trafficking more than 28 grams of cocaine. Undercover officers with the Tulsa Police Special Investigations Division have been investigating Shields for several months.

FOX23’s Abbie Alford: "Mr. Shields do you have anything to say?”

Shields: “Yeah I have a lot to say."

However, after that Shields didn’t say a word.

Four months ago Shields came up with the required $100,000 for a $1 million bond as a suspect in the murder-for-hire of Tulsa businessman Neil Sweeney.

With Shields’ bond now set at $2 million police want to make sure he stays in jail.

"If he's able to in this case we would have to question what the resources are for posting that large amount of money," says Tulsa Police Captain Jonathan Brooks.

Shields’ attorney, Richard O’Carroll, tells FOX23 News Shields makes a good living trading cars.

FOX23 has learned a pink Chevelle belonging to Shields is on consignment at Overdrive Auto in East Tulsa for $28,000.

Police say it is critically important Shields is not allowed back on the streets pending trial.

"Especially in this case when he is connected to the homicide just the mere connection and when we talk about trafficking large amounts of pure cocaine that is a huge arrest for them and it's good for the public safety of Tulsa,” says Brooks.

Shields’ ex-girlfriend Angie Tucker has been missing since November 2007 and records show a month before her disappearance she filed a protective order against Shields.

Police suspect foul play but her body has never been found and Shields has not been charged.

The preliminary hearing for all five suspects in the Sweeney murder case is set for October 26th.

Shields is now reportedly expected to testify he took and delivered the money for the hit.

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watchdog1 - 10/8/2010 9:22 AM
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I think the District Attorney needs to seize Allen Shields bank records, and his business records, see what kind of income he REALLY makes from his "automobile trading" business, he is involved in some nasty s**t to have the kind of money he is producing for bail, examination of his records will uncover a whole nest of cockroach gang members, and some interesting connections in other areas too. This boy is a sorry piece of human excretement, garbage and lowlife trash, his actions and choices paint an unfair, inaccurate portrait of many other black people who are decent and law abiding so that all blacks are considered as being the same. Put bluntly,this punk a**piece of s**t should be locked up for the rest of his sorry, worthless life. Gregg777, in answer to your post,nope, never arrested,never had a bad experience with the police anywhere,have enjoyed a close association with a number of TPD officers, good guys, good cops, respect and appreciate THEM very much..others..not so much. I just see the difference in the way they do their job now as opposed to a few years ago, what I see now is a damn shame, or more like a damn SHAM. As the older ones retire and leave the force, crime continues to rise, TPD does less and less, and criminals rampage through our community unfettered, you may be happy and perfectly satisfied with the job they are doing, but I am not.You have your opinion, I have mine, my opinion is that they spend an unacceptable amount of time doing things other than the job they were hired to do, they are extremely slow to respond, they are often rude and condescending, some are liars, crooked, some are outright bullies and perhaps even dangerous, and as cops, they suck! No, I am not interested in being a police officer, had the chance when I left the Corp, wasn't interested then, still not. I don't hate TPD, I am just very very disappointed in the way they perform, or more accurately, the way they do not perform their jobs.

Cairo Black - 10/7/2010 9:24 AM
0 Votes
Free Allan Shields! He is a political prisoner. TPD constantly harasses folks that they can't keep behind bars. Shields posted $100,000 towards a $1 Million bail. Obviously this man has collateral and means to post that type of cash. I hope he posts bail again and is also exonerated of these false charges.

Gregg777 - 10/7/2010 12:15 AM
0 Votes
I'll keep posting my comments, but perhaps you should apply for TPD and make that difference Tulsa needs. Most crimes stem from drug use (Stats). And you can never get them all. And its always funny how so many people say the same thing about the jail being full of pot heads while the serious criminals go untouched, well thats BS and most of us know it. And unfortunately Allen walked on most of his charges because of our justice system, not TPD. Money can buy about anything or a ni**er named OJ would have never walked. And the people that bit** and complain are quick to call on a cop when they need the help. It would be great to see more posts of people who know what theyre talking about opposed to someone who must of had a bad experience with one. But hey its our freedom rights and we can say what we want right?? (rhetorical) And we'll just have to keep on not caring how uneducated our posts seem, or the fact its a very clear reflection.

watchdog1 - 10/6/2010 2:32 PM
0 Votes
A little taste of Allen Shields record: Arrested or cited 99 times. 72 traffic offenses, 1 sexual assault (rape), 2 weapons charges, 13 obstruction of justice charges, 4 kidnapping offenses, never convicted of a single felony. Held without bail at least 4 times, allowed to bail out or was released from jail each time, bailed out last in June of this year, was supposed to wear an ankle monitor, if he was, no one was paying attention to where he was going or what he was doing.

watchdog1 - 10/6/2010 2:18 PM
0 Votes
BTW, does anyone believe this guy makes the kind of money he is paying out for bonds "trading" cars? More likely gang drug sales, Angie Tucker probably found out and that is why she disappeared.

watchdog1 - 10/6/2010 2:06 PM
0 Votes
Did you read all the charges against him, and all the bail? You may call my comment a slam to TPD, but it is true, drug arrests are a top priority for them, the jails are full of people who were picked up with relatively small amounts of pot, while the streets are full of people with guns committing robberies, abductions,rapes, and home burglaries. If you don't like my comments you can skip them, they always say watchdog1 over them, after all, I assume you realize no one is forcing you to read them.

Gregg777 - 10/6/2010 8:10 AM
0 Votes
See what??? yes he was still on the street because there is a law that requires a reasonable bail if certain criteria are met. And he bonded out, then got more charges and is back in. Your post makes no sense watchdog1, but your always quick to slam TPD

watchdog1 - 10/5/2010 2:19 PM
0 Votes
See, the man was accused of murder but was still on the street, but once he is connected to drugs, look how fast he was arrested and charged! Don't get me wrong, I think he should be in jail for whatever they can make stick, but just shows you where the priority of TPD is at, murder bad, drugs worse!
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