Tulsa Drug Round-Up

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Reported by: MirandaChristian
Updated: 10/22/2009 11:59 pm Published: 10/22/2009 11:51 am

Federal agents have arrested eight Mexican nationals in the Tulsa area for drug trafficking.  This is part of a nationwide round-up called Project Coronado. 

The US Department of Justice says 5 people were arrested in Tulsa yesterday, as well as one in Jenks and one in Owasso.   Agents say, a Tulsa man was also arrested in Texas.

The attorney general just wrapped up a news conference on this in Washington DC. He says more than 3000 agents, and officers worked on the operation.

It lasted 2 days and spread across 19 states.  More than 300 people were arrested.

It’s common, frustrating, and even law enforcement says its complicated when decide g who gets deported or who stays and serves time for crimes committed in our country.

"There’s so many variables in this system," said Administrative Sergeant, Shannon Clark.

But the question lingers with seven Mexican nationals arrested Wednesday in the Tulsa area. They’re accused of being part of the notorious La Familia gang out of Mexico. The arrests are part of a nationwide sting called Project Coronado- netting more than 300 arrests for drug trafficking.

The local bust, uncovering 20 pounds of meth, two pounds of cocaine, six guns and thousands of dollars.
For now the gang is behind bars, but for how long?

"Its kind of up in the air," said Clark.

Clark is familiar with such issues, but says answers to immigration questions are not always clear-cut.

"I don't know that there is ever a question I can give you a positive definitive answer on exactly how it works," said Clark.

Clark says the accused gang members arrested Wednesday will see a judge, and in most cases, if found guilty they'll serve time. But the sergeant says the sad truth, is that some violent illegal immigrants are simply deported-- never facing any consequence for their crime.
Other than being sent back to the country they left.

Bottom line:

"If its a local ruthless crime, we have to wait on what courts say," said Clark.

And that could be a while.

More than 3,000 agents, and officers took part in the two-day nationwide sweep.
In all, they seized $3.4 million and hundreds of pounds of narcotics.

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slimjim - 10/25/2009 4:16 PM
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nunyabeez, what a crock! NO, these people are definitely not like me. I am not a druggie, nor am I a mexican. Go back and read my first post. You stated "SOME" work their ass off, well what about the rest that don't? Yes my mother did give birth to me here, and that does mean Sxxx. I really don't care what these people go through to get here. Actually I would prefer they would stay at home. We don't need the crime, the drugs, the diseases, or the drain on the social programs. I am tired of my insurance helping pay for anchor babies for illegals and my tax money spent on social programs. You are right in one thing, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LAND OF THE FREE? It is being stolen from us every day, all fgor the sake of a dollar obtained through cheap illegal labor. As far as getting educated again, perhaps you should acquaint yourself with the laws of mexico. Would they tolerate the same things there that we are asked to do? Hardly! Oh by the way, the reason those people sit on their ass in the office and get paid, while others work their ass off is because the others allow them to do so. Now, who needs to get educated? I sincerely hope these drug dealers spend years behind bars at hard labor.

nunyabeez - 10/23/2009 6:39 PM
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Don't judge they are people like me and you.I was born in the U.S, and all my family is legal as legal like you and yes we are (MEXICANS)and the reason they get hired is that.Some of them work there ass off doing the jobs all you people don't want to do. All the work you people want to do is to sit your ass in the office and get paid oh that f***** hurts (hugh)and why do I get paid alot more for being bilingual I think thats why it hurts even more.NOT all of us f***** do what these dumbass do.Oh and do you think they might need employment they are (DRUG DEALERS DO YOU GET IT THEY DON'T HAVE TO WORK)DUH!!!!!You know who buys it all AMERICAN people most of you can't get a job because of that please think before you put shut out there that can come back first it was with African Americans now with Mexicans Just because your MOTHER gave birth to you here doesn't mean S***!!!!!!What if you were born over there.You don't even know what these people go through just to get over here.Now if they come to do s*** like these people did. I don't have nothing to say they can do whatever they want to them but there alot of people that do just come and work.OH and to the one that says (they can fight for there freedom)(WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LAND OF THE FREE)because you hear that all through the school years did you not know that maybe you need toget EDUCATED AGAIN!!!!!!!

papdadi - 10/23/2009 10:11 AM
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deport them or send them to Afghanistan if they want to stay and they can fight for there freedom.

slimjim - 10/23/2009 9:06 AM
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If these are illegals, just where were they employed? Perhaps this should be investigated also.

slimjim - 10/22/2009 12:37 PM
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A pat on the back for the law enforcement who were responsible for this drug bust. It seems this is another strong argument for stricter immigration laws and control. It would probably boggle the mind to know the amount of illegal drugs that travel from Mexico into the U.S. daily by illegals. The ONLY way this will ever be stopped is by penalizing the sponsors and employers who motivate these individuals to come here. That will probably never happen because in the real world there is too much money to be made by the cheap labor. Wages and jobs destroyed, welfare and social programs strained, medical cost soaring, law enforcement, jails, and the court system strained, schools strained, and the list goes on and on. Why? Greeed, greed greed! When will this insanity stop? Personally, in the future I WILL VOTE AGAINST every politician presently in office, regardless if they are Democrat or Republican, until they get the message that unless they wake up, "YOU'RE FIRED".
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