Toddler Gets Sick After Flu Shot

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Reported by: Janna Clark
Updated: 11/09/2010 9:42 pm Published: 11/09/2010 9:04 pm

A Tulsa mom says she took her toddler in for a flu shot to keep him from getting sick.

But she thinks the shot made him sick instead.

FOX23's Janna Clark talked to the mom and the medical experts.

Angela Stall says her 14-month-old, Nathan, never slows down - even when he's sick.

But a couple weeks ago, she says Nathan got so sick, he could barely move.

"He was very lethargic," Angela said.

It started when Angela took him to the doctor to get a flu shot.

Within a couple hours, she says Nathan was suddenly very sick.

"He was vomiting and not himself," she said.

He didn't get better and at one point, even had a seizure.

"His eyes rolled back in his head, and he was convulsing and making a strange noise," Angela said.

Angela took him to the emergency room.

Doctors ran tests trying to figure out what was wrong with Nathan. They all came back negative.

Angela believes the flu shot made Nathan sick.

"Knowing how great he was before and how he was immediately afterwards, I think the shot did trigger some kind of illness," Angela said.

Shannon Robbins with the Visiting Nurses Association said it is possible for someone to have a severe reaction to the flu shot, but she says it's rare.

Out of 22,000 flu shots given this season by VNA, she says she's only received 17 complaints.

"Most of those are soreness at the site...  arm is red or arm hurts," Robbins said.

Robbins says the benefit of getting the shot outweighs the risk.

"We know the flu kills children every year," Robbins said. 

The state health department did tell FOX23 that young children who get the flu shot for the first time - like Nathan - are more likely to have a fever or feel bad for a couple days.

Angela says she probably won't give Nathan a flu shot again.

"Given everything that he went through and we went through, I don't know that I'll get one again," she said.

FOX23 called the Tulsa County health department to see if anyone else has reported problems. Someone called this week and complained of vomiting after getting a flu shot. The health department says it's investigating.

The Centers of Disease Control reports 690 complaints of adverse reactions to the flu shot.

Among those, there were three reports of young children having convulsions.

And there were two deaths.

Only four percent of those were considered serious.

The CDC recommends the flu vaccine for most people over six months of age but says people allergic to eggs should not get a flu shot.

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momonamission - 11/14/2010 3:08 PM
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The fact that this child had an adverse reaction to the flu shot is most likely an indicator that he could have worse side effects from the other vaccines. Please view Max II, a video on about a baby receiving the Hep B shot at birth. Or research read about all of our girls suffering from adverse effects from Gardasil or Cerevix ~ The HPV Vaccines. Perhaps go the VAERS site and read all the reports of adverse effects.. you will read stories just like the one you just posted. This is not an isolated case. I do hope this baby gets better, but also hope the mom/dad educate themselves before getting this child another vaccine of any kind. I'm so sorry for the family. You think you are doing a good thing for your child and the story ends like this.. or WORSE. We are right there with you, praying everyday that our girl gets better as well, for her, it's been TWO years. Enough said. God Bless your family. Many prayers.

granite45 - 11/14/2010 7:19 AM
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I agree with Csilvernail, everyone needs to become "more informed" about the vaccines and not follow the herd just because the "Big Pharma, Medical and Media" say it is ok. Did you all not go to school and learn how to read for yourselves? Why would you put your child's health and wellness in the hands of someone you don't know. Knowledge is power and it is time that you sttod up and took responsibilty of your own actions. The body knew to grow from two cells, where the hell in the process did it forget the immune system and the inability to "HEAL ITSELF"?!!!! For the woman whose child supposedly got sick because someone came to school sick, did you ever think that your child's immune system was already under assault? Are you loading your child up with gatorade, vitamin water, soda, fructose (oops, now corn sugar),fast foods? or are you the parent that really makes all her own food and is diligient in what their child truly eats, takes vitamins, rest, and proper exercise. YOu need to look at the whole picture on EACH person!!! We are all not a cookie cutter pattern...Wake up people, take responsibilty for your actions, vaccines have not erradicated disease!!! The literature is there, be informed, always check who wrote and funded and article..."Big Pharma" and "gov't" is a close second. I don't put my children in their hands why are you so willing too?

mitomom - 11/12/2010 8:08 PM
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Autism News Beat - Please remind everyone of your association with the AAP before they engage in any type of back and forth interaction with you. I think everyone reading this deserves to know that the AAP endorses someone who treats parents of vaccine injured children with complete contempt. Please remember that ALL life is precious...and the lives of children who are damaged by vaccines are of no less importance than the lives of those children who are injured by infectious disease.

AutismNewsBeat - 11/12/2010 7:10 PM
1 Vote
" If your vaccines and shots are so damn good, then why do you care whether or not intelligent and informed people like us vaccinate? You should be at no risk then, right?" Wrong. Vaccine are only effective in 85-95% of the population. An intelligent and informed person would know that, and understand the consequences of vaccine rejectionism.

AmiahC - 11/12/2010 6:51 PM
1 Vote
Don't vaccinate PERIOD! They hinder the immune system and sometimes kill people. More people died from the H1N1 vaccine than the flu it self.

nooogetta - 11/12/2010 10:54 AM
1 Vote
A toddler getting a flu shot then getting sick the same day wouldn't ordinarily be 'news'. What they won't report (cause the govt will never provide the numbers -- they're too afraid), is the correlation table that WOULD be statistically meaningful. Number who get flu shot then a seizure within a certain amount of time. # who get shot and don't have seizure. # who don't get shot, don't have seizure. # who don't get shot and have a seizure. Four simple numbers that would tell so much. But you’ll never see a correlation table for this, just as you’ll never see one for vaccines and autism. By the way, there's still 25 micrograms of thimerosal (that's half mercury) per flu shot dose. Same amount parents of children with autism have been screaming about for a decade. Maybe that’s why the vaccine makers desperately don’t want to be held accountable in a normal court of law.

watchdog1 - 11/12/2010 9:18 AM
1 Vote
I can't tell you all to get a shot or not, but I will tell you, I take vitamins, rest right, eat healthy and refuse flu shots. I used to take them, but kept getting sick, since I stopped, I have had almost no illness. Last year at the height of the "H1N1" epidemic, an eastern European nation received over a million H1N1 flu vaccinations from the US, they tested them on monkeys and all the monkeys died, when they looked at the vaccines in a lab, they found the vaccines contained live viruses, including, hepatitis, bird flu, swine flu, and hiv, none of which were supposed to be in the shots. This story was short lived to say the least, the drug company who manufactured the shots happened to be the same one that Barack Obama owns quite a lot of shares in. Was it a coincidence that the story died an untimely death? You decide, as for me, no, I will pass on the flu shots.

eyecebrakr - 11/12/2010 7:56 AM
1 Vote
Csilvernail, you believe that ANYTHING could've caused this child to get sick? How about the human body causing the child to get well. Do you really have that much faith in people over God's design? Explain to me why Jonas Salk's miracle vaccine for polio (bulls%$t because polio was on a high decline when the vaccine came out) was so dangerous he wouldn't give it to his own family? Seems a little strange to me. I bet you think chemo is a good idea too. Yeah, let's throw someone in front of a speeding bus and hope they survive and the cancer doesn't. Genius! You know what, it made more sense for barbers to cut you open with a razor and have a leech suck your blood to try and cure disease. That's way less madness then what's going on today. Explain how every major disease has gotten significantly worse. Explain how this country's health statistics have gotten significantly worse. Explain why our infant mortality rate sucks ass. Explain why over $200 billion dollars has been fed to scumbag drug companies and foundations to research cures for cancer since 1971, but our cancer rates are WAY worse than ever and continue to climb at an alarming rate, and there's absolutely no sign of a cure in sight. You're brainwashed buddy. Get with the program. There's way more than a small risk of illness. People are DYING! DYING! A friend of mine is quadriplegic because of a flu shot. Oh it must've been a coincidence that he got it the day before, had a fever later on that night, and woke up paralyzed. Yeah, total coincidence.

eyecebrakr - 11/12/2010 7:49 AM
1 Vote
Ok Csilvernail and happinikki. Where are your statistics? Where's your evidence? Obesity is a disease? Jesus Christ you people are such victims. How bout 1 less cheeseburger? That may help. The only disease is a body malfunctioning which is what separates healthy from sick people. If your vaccines and shots are so damn good, then why do you care whether or not intelligent and informed people like us vaccinate? You should be at no risk then, right? Didn't your child have the flu shot when it was hospitalized? That parent merely cares about their child enough to be well informed rather than wear a ball gag and listen to everything their doctor tells them to do. What benefit do drugs companies have in keeping people well? The only way medicine will ever make a dime is if people are sick. There will never be any man made chemical that will make God's design better. You sheeple just go with the flock and don't do any research. Mass media is not research. Statistics coming from the drug companies that sell and push their poison is not research. Here's some research coming directly from the slime that controls this country There's a couple. And there's hundreds more where that came from. The FDA and drug companies conduct their own experiments and studies. Wtf do you think they're gonna say when billions of dollars are going into their pockets?

no flu shot - 11/11/2010 10:50 PM
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The vaccine court ruled this year all of my health problems were caused by the flu shot and paid me a settlement. Reactions to the flu shot are not that rare. What is rare is how often they are reported. Most doctors say it is just a coincidence. They legally have to file a report for dog bites so why not for vaccine reactions.
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