TFD called to house fire in north Tulsa

Tulsa fire crews were called early Friday to a house fire near I-244 & Lewis.

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Sadness - 5/19/2013 1:04 PM
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I know you was worried about your family I just typed out hurt and emotions because of what everyone was saying and The little dog Roxy was the one who dug the hole she wasnt dangerous the other two are mean when they get off the chain for some reason I understand that! What could they of done even if they were there?? I know alot of people where trying but no one was able to get in... MY cell phone kept telling me to press one for emergency then press one if i needed an ambulance when I dialed.. and I apologize i must have misheard their friend about the bat. they werent cowards to go and fight you they didn't see the point in it at all they just know that you reacted upon annoyance. I wasnt blaming you I know you called several times. Grandma is in a better place. I am glad for everyone in this neighbor hood I know we all have our own to take care of and I know that they would be there when something ever happens again. I love you all <3 be careful I don't want to see or hear anything like this no more I know it will always be there but I don't want to not see any of your faces <3

ThatLostShoe - 5/18/2013 8:21 PM
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The Grandma has died, who lived as long as she did because of the assistance of the neighbors who ran to assist because of screaming. Not everyone jumped to help, which is expected but at least some did. There is always going to be the cowards, those that freeze or ignore but at least in our neighborhood we know we can rely on a few good neighbors to try to help in a time a need. At least in her time of need we did.

Yorktown2 - 5/18/2013 4:48 PM
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By the way, i was the first one to call the fire dept. where was EVERYONE else?

Yorktown2 - 5/18/2013 4:33 PM
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I am the neighbor and I didn't threaten anyone with a bat. Who would need a weapon to whip those punks? I threatened to kill Jim's dog if he didn't lock it up with a bat. As you all know it was not only a nuisance but also dangerous. I told Brandon, Jim and their friend - after they told me to shut my mouth, to all come out in the street and make me shut it. Of course, they didnt because they are cowards. And for the rest of you big mouths that blame me for not doing something- where were you? We called the police several times, and as far as helping to save the grandma- I had my own family to save I wasn't paying attention to whatever was going on next door. As we all know, she should have been saved by her own worthless son and Grandson (sadness)

whospkshismind - 5/18/2013 7:14 AM
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how funny people live right next store to the drug house and do nothing. for over 4 years they knew what kinda place it was .And yet did nothing they have video of the drug house and yet they do nothing ? maybe its because the brother of the naborie went over there as well ? and still did nothing ? makes you think ha they blame the parents of one sweet young lady who tried to save the grandma yep bad parenting she saved the grandma and now she has a fighting chance not like the neighbor who stood and looked on and did nothing ? and yet they knew as well ? that the grandma was still in the house ? look bottom line is we all tried what we could some just tried harder then other right or wrong the every one in the neighborhood knew what that house was not 1 person in the neighborhood who did not know .so we all have a part in the blame game ya thats right china22 and yorktown2 you lived right next store as well as every one in the neighborhood its funny how the miore looks in the morning when you know you just didnt do enuff yep i am sick to the core of my heart to think what did happen and what could of happen to my daughter yep i am not hidding be hind any thing like some! just speaking my mind like it or not dont care if ya do or not so grow up and look at your own house and family before you tri and fix some one elses house we do the best we can and love are kids just as you love yours and thats about all we can do .we all live in the neighborhood and I for one am trying my best if that not good enuff for you owe ya i dont care you are no one to whom i answer too so i pray in the good LORDS NAME HELP US ALL .YEP I AM NOT PERFECT BUT I HAVE THE BEST FAMILY IN THE WHOLE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadness - 5/18/2013 6:08 AM
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The neighbor told him to get his ass to the street with a baseball bat in his hand (to me that is threatening a neighbor with a BAT) None of you people knew any one of them! Who freakin' cares about the damn dogs?!?!? LIKE FOR REAL?????? everyone on this damn street has annoying dogs >_> you just chose one person out of these houses to pick on constantly!! WHITE TRASH PUNKS? < that sounds familiar I wonder which YORKTOWN neighbor that is?!?> liike your hidden?? ALL YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT WAS GRANDMA!!! DON'T YOU PEOPLE GET THAT??? WHO CARES ABOUT DRUGS AND WHO WAS GETTING HIGH AND WHO WASNT?!? WHO CARES THAT DOGS GOT OFF THE CHAIN AND PEOPLE REPORTED IT??!! THE DOGS ARE GONE GET OVER WHAT HAD HAPPENED WITH THEM. they died in that fire them poor animals you guys for real they died horridly and no one FREAKIN' CARES!!! WHYYY?? WHYY THE HELL DON'T YOU PEOPLE CARE??? Grandma is fighting because of this freak fire and all you do is sit there and down grade them people when THEY WERE IN SHOCK MODE DIDN'T DO THE BEST ACTION BUT THEY FLIPPED SHIZZ AND DID WHAT THEY THOUGHT AT THE TIME WAS OK... WHO cares about the relationship that once stood and never will be repaired!!! WHAT MATTERS IS THAT WE ALL LET THIS HAPPEN I DON'T GIVE A FLYING HORSE FLY WE ALL COULD OF DONE MORE!!! BUT NOOO, NO ONE WANTED TO DO ANYTHING MORE THEN WHAT THEY WERE ALREADY DOING WHYY?? PROBABLY BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT WELL I DID SOMETHING..OHH WELL. SOO baack the hell up what ever happened happened okay nothing can be done ONE Person with the greatest of all hearts is suffering for something we all had part in thank you. Have a great liiife!!!!!!!

Yorktown2 - 5/17/2013 12:10 AM
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Uhhhh. The neighbor didn't threaten anyone with a baseball bat. These people had traffic at all hours of the day and night and had loud barking dogs tied to their front porch which were the cause of many confrontations between these white trash punks and many of their neighbors. Also, the fire didn't start on the porch, it started inside the house. People that had been inside the house previous to the fire had stated that there was a marijuana grow in the house. Whatever the cause of the fire I'm sure these pukes grabbed their pot plants - leaving grandma in the house to die and drove away like the cowards they are.

ThatLostShoe - 5/12/2013 11:57 PM
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She is an adult who can make her own choices. Under the law the parents have no rights to bother with her or who she associates with. She is her own person. The cops have had numerous chances of busting them and never did. When the cops were called for the break-in that happened a few months ago, they NEVER ARRIVED. I've also reported the house on numerous occasions, and nothing ever happened. If everyone thought the dogs were such a bother everyone could have kept reporting the stray dogs to the pound and the police. Or to the news station cos we all know the city will start moving into action after it's made it to the papers. And, if anyone in the block did, obviously the cops and pound didn't care enough to do anything about it UNTIL AFTER the house burned to charge them with unvaccinated/unlicensed animals. Also, they charged him with those to "minor " things because they had nothing on him for drugs and their house burned down, so they needed something to keep him there. They don't actually care about catching them because if they did ---- they would have been gone way before now.

Yorktown - 5/12/2013 12:29 AM
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it was just a thought ...

china22 - 5/11/2013 11:17 PM
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there is no evidence the neighnor did it.. keep in mind that they had servailance cameras and dont think they would be stupid enough to do it in front of a camera. he is not the only one that has threathened him because of the dogs. all their dogs were a nuisance to the block.. not only did theyconsume the drugs they sold drugs too. . and it sad to see that his only been charged with the fallowing Offenses LARCENY - MERCHANDISE - RETAILER 5920776 5/14/2013 Surety Bond $500.00 UNLICENSED/UNVACCINATED CAT/DOG 5901426 5/14/2013 Surety Bond $150.00
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