Shooting victim's family questions gunmen's motive

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Reported by: Sharon Phillips
Updated: 4/09/2012 10:32 am Published: 4/08/2012 10:22 pm

The recent shootings in North Tulsa left several families shattered and wondering why this happened.

One of the victims, 54-year-old Bobby Clark was found lying in the street in the 300 block of West 63rd Street North on Good Friday. His family spoke to FOX23 exclusively about his life and death.

"Didn't they know that somebody cared about him? We cared a lot about him and we're hurting,” says Bobby’s sister-in-law Tonya Clardy.

Still trying to make sense of it all, Clardy can only hang onto memories of her brother-in-law. She says she spoke to him just hours before he was shot and killed.

"When they told us he had been shot, that caught us completely off guard because who would want to shoot Bobby? Bobby never did anything to anybody,” says Clardy.

As the family sifts through pictures desperate for a glimpse of Bobby’s smiling face, they are left to console each other and to pick up the pieces of their broken hearts.

"I just hope race wasn't a problem because we didn't know them and they didn't know us, but you can't help but think it was a race thing,” says Bobby’s brother Bruce.

A senseless shooting spree that took the lives of three people and injured two and left a community on edge, with many question still un-answered.

“Bobby was a real kind person and he didn't ever do anything to anybody. Everybody likes him and so it was hard to believe that something like that could have happened,” says his brother Donnie.

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan refused to call the shooting spree a hate crime. However he does agree the shootings could have been racially motivated.

“I feel sorry for their family and them too. It's just unbelievable that people still carry on like that today,” says Bruce.

"We're hurting bad because he was loved, and he's missed and it's destroying our family,” says Clardy.

The family tells FOX23 they do not have the money for a funeral and therefore a fund is being set up at the Bank of Oklahoma on 15th and Yale. If you would like to donate, the fund is under the name Bobby Clark.

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blkfemrocker - 4/9/2012 9:41 AM
1 Vote
I think it was a evil thing both suspects did. I don't care what race, they are they could have been green for all I care. that makes me a little bit more paranoid just to step out my house fearing some crazed mentally off person with a gun is just going to go around and start shooting random people... any many mini mow Oh your dead.. that 19 year old guy needed to get some help. that other guy ... He just looked off. I pray for the families and victims. I think its horrible crime to do to anyone regardless or race,gender or age. Its just plain wrong and it needs to stop! I am still shaken up over the other incidents where a old couple got robbed and beaten to death...It is just a darn shame if you ask me

DjandDreasmom - 4/9/2012 6:54 AM
0 Votes
Im done! People are ignorant as hell...IT IS NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY TO CONDEM SOMEONE BECAUSE WE SHARE THE SAME SKIN COLOR...U say we should b better then these race issues but U cant seem to let race go! Condem people because they are wrong PERIOD, NOT BECAUSE YOUR BOTH THE SAME RACE. & 4 everyone else posting acting as if someone said that the lives of these VICTIMS are more important then any other (white or black) needs to pull they heads out they butts! White/Black who gives a F**ck? People have lost their lives & all we hace is a tally post of how many people of 1 race killed of another! Get the freak out of gere! Guess i'll b reading about & commenting on a story about 1 of u soon..smh! This is not a debate, this is life & too many have been snatched way too soon! Black/black, white/white, black/white or white/black! Tulsa is going hell in a hand basket & people with narrow minds are driving! Get it together!

nofearfactor - 4/9/2012 2:19 AM
1 Vote
Did the 2 black men who shot the 2 white ORU students in cold blood in the park at 31st and Mingo or the black man who raped and murdered the 85 yr old white woman and beat her husband almost to death target their victims because of race? Hate? Or just money? And if its only money then did that make their victims more valuable than these victims on the north side? No one has brought this stuff up about those crimes. They wont either. Racism never gets brought up when you have a white victim and a black killer. But when 3 black people get shot by 2 white killers then its a racist or hate crime. The kid did apparently have a hatred for black people according to his Facebook because a black man murdered his father 2 years ago. But is this white kid killing these black people racist or hateful? Looks like both. Its wrong to kill no matter the reason- race, hate, money, etc. But is killing because of race or hate more important than killing for money? In this case it looks like it. Very confusing.

watchdog11 - 4/9/2012 1:12 AM
0 Votes
Color does matter, if I condem a black person for killing a white person, blacks come to the defense of the killer, if I condem a white person for the killing of a black person, whites come to the defense, you say it isn't our responsibility to condem, but it is, it is called peer pressure, whenever another human being commits an atrocity on another we must speak out, when it is our own race doing it, we must as a community make that person understand that is not the kind of behavior we will tolerate....if I only condem one race for wrongdoing I am giving my approval and support, we should not approve or support this kind of behavior from anyone, no matter who they are, discipline starts at home as a child, and extends to the community when the person becomes an adult. The decent law-abiding people have got to police their own for the good of all, if not the society will continue to break down, schools no longer discipline the kids, parents no longer discipline the kids, they grow up and become un-disciplined adults, it hurts us all, without standards of decency the downward spiral will continue, we should all be able to agree on these common shared values....don't rob, don't steal, don't rape, don't hurt children, don't kill, don't put the safety and interest of one race above another, don't hate.

DjandDreasmom - 4/8/2012 11:45 PM
0 Votes
Watchdog, you started that comment so well & then turned it into a racist comment at the end. When will yall ever learn? Its horrible no matter what race for anyone to take a life of another! The killing of Bob & Nancy was terrible & un-called for just like these shootings, no if, &'s or buts about it! Evil has no color! Also its not or responsibilty to condem anyone based on our race! I condem all these devils black & white! May God bless you & allow you to see beyond color! WRONG IS JUST WRONG, NOT A COLOR!

watchdog11 - 4/8/2012 10:46 PM
1 Vote
I hate to say this because there is too much race baiting these days, but I think England was just so wounded because of his fathers death and his babies moms suicide, he just snapped, and I suspect it was racially motivated in this case, I feel for the families of the victims,and I feel for Englands family, this hate and killing shouldn't happen in this day and age,we are all supposed to be smarter and better than this, but it still does, and because of racial hatred on BOTH sides, we have got to stop this for the good of everyone, whites have got to start condeming other whites who commit racial crimes, and blacks have got to start condemming blacks for their crimes against whites too. Sad but when the three black men beat Bob and Nancy Strait a couple of weeks ago and killed Nancy, I didn't see one post from anyone in the black community condemming the three black men responsible, I will condem these two for what they have done, now lets see if anyone in the black community has the guts or sense of justice to speak out next time the victims are white at black hands. This time it is the black community who has the tragedy, I will pray for God to heal the hearts and wounds, but it isn't just the black community who is suffering, "as you sow, so shall you also reap".
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