Oklahoma license plate design challenged in federal court

Tuesday an appeals court reinstated a lawsuit previously thrown out by a federal judge regarding the Native American rain god depicted on the state license plates.

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BrideyMurphy - 6/13/2013 5:55 PM
1 Vote
Ok this Cressman is a real idiot, that sculpture is called "The Sacred Rain Arrow",an it is by Allan Houser, it is not called "rain God", the fact that it is aimed up into the air should tell this moron it is aimed toward Heaven, I am Cherokee, my kids are Cherokee, Creek and Seminole, I am an old woman, and in my entire life I have never known ANY member of a tribe with the exception of the Navajo and Hopi who worship any GOD but the same one Cressman claims to worship, we don't worship animal deities, or rain Gods, or any rocks or trees, we address our prayers to "The One Above", as in the ONE and ONLY GOD, this dumba** is either an attention seeker or just wants to show his total ignorance of not only art, but Native American culture as well, and this goes for Fox 23 as well, just because you don't have a freaking clue about a culture, does not mean you can just make up chit about it and pass it off as truth,either take the time to learn about the culture and religion or keep your stupid mouths shut.

karlschneider - 6/13/2013 9:30 AM
0 Votes
t town253...I had religion for years, then I woke up. Jesus is still dead and all gods are still make-believe no matter how hard you want to pretend. www.godisimaginary.com Read that link if you have any intellectual integrity.

penelopepony - 6/13/2013 12:27 AM
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ENOUGH w/the Indian tags 4 everyone. I like & am ok w/triabal recognition tags, given to ea. tribe, & I prayed we'd get new tags w/o Indian stuff on it, & we got the "T BOW Indian." Indians already have their tribe tags, NOW let the rest of us have one that UNITES us, not seperates us, or makes us feel the lesser if we speak of wanting something WITHOUT an Indian on it. I'm PROUD NOT 2 b a card carrying Indian that got the card because I'm the decendants of an Indian that DIDN'T get on their horse & take to the hills (Eastern Band of indians; later allowed 2 stay, & given land, & now profits from casinos ea. yr. w/o having 2 work in them.). White out the tags, replace it w/bird idea was good, or state shape w/heart in it, something neutral. I think it's time to tear up the treaties, & let the profits of the casinos pick up the bill, issue commodities etc. & double tapping of housing options, medical, etc. DO U KNOW, OKLAHOMA HAS MORE QUARTER HORSES THAN KENTUCKY HAS THOROUGHBREDS? As a kid, in NY, I thought of Okla being Cowboys & Indians, both rode horses, Will Rogers on Soapsuds, Gene Autry, Toby Keith racehorses, Reba, found at a rodeo, DERN is there a connection MAYBE? Something that UNITES US, not OSTRACIZES ANYONE!!!

native2133 - 6/12/2013 9:18 PM
4 Votes
Okay first off that "Indian God" is not a God. It is a Warrior. And secondly Oklahoma is HOME to the native American people cause that is where my ancestors and many other people's ancestors got sent when the white man decided he wanted the land they had over in the east. They forced native Americans here cause he thought it was empty land. What he didn't know was that it had a bunch of oil in it. Now if you are going to try and get rid of anything native American than you can go ahead and get rid of the shield on the Oklahoma flag! Otherwise he can stop throwing a little fit. Get a plate that was made special for you! But if you need something to complain about and you choose the WARRIOR on the license plate than go complain about something else cause this is ridiculous!

t town253 - 6/12/2013 5:44 PM
0 Votes
Linoge I appreciate your way of thinking. It would only make sense....right? Lol thumbs up for u!

t town253 - 6/12/2013 5:42 PM
0 Votes
karlschneider you are a weee bit hateful....maybe you could use some religion and Jesus in your life. You need something.....

Linoge - 6/12/2013 5:42 PM
2 Votes
Well, if we go so far as to abolish the symbol on our license plates, let's carry the absurd even further! The state seal has to go as well. The US seal depicts a pyramid, so it, as well as anything it's on has to go as well, since the pyramid is a religious symbol from ancient times. Can't have a white plate as it would offend the blacks, and can't have a black plate as it would offend the whites. No red or blue, as it may be a gang thing. The alternative is to quit crowding our courts with this trivial crap, and pursue more productive things, such as taking care of our people and our land. Just a thought.

USEagle - 6/12/2013 3:31 PM
0 Votes
He should win! You morons would be wanting a non-Christian to win if the plate had a cross or fish on it. How about a mudslim symbol or Jewish or hindu....Let's put the state bird on it, no religion problem there!!!

karlschneider - 6/12/2013 1:50 PM
1 Vote
This Cressman idiot is a typical hick Okie "pastor" who would be fine if the car tags had crosses on them...he wants HIS goofy religion to be a STATE religion. I will bet he has one on his 'church'. If Jesus had been executed in the early 20th century, I guess the "christians" would have replica electric chairs on their buildings and wear little miniature ones around their necks. Nothing says hypocrisy like a religion that worships an instrument of torture.

t town253 - 6/12/2013 1:36 PM
1 Vote
That is dumb. Yes Oklahoma is the Bible belt.....but it is also home, as many other states, to the Native Americans. Must we forget that this land was STOLEN from them??? So why can't we honor them and give them the respect they so deserve?
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