OHP Releases Dash Cam Video

Video shows Trooper Daniel Martin approaching Paramedic White. Warning: video contains explicit language.

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whitemonkey - 7/23/2009 2:36 PM
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life992 - 7/9/2009 2:13 PM
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i understand that the emt was in the wrong couldnt he just been able to take lady to hospital then arrested him. what if the lady was really in a life and death thing. i understand the law and it must be delt with but there was a patient in the ambulance. she could have died.

lml46 - 7/9/2009 1:54 PM
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I noticed that the back of the ambulance says "Creek Nation" on the top. Is this vehicle owned by the Creek tribe? If so, then perhaps it is a case of racism for even stopping the vehicle in the first place and it escalated from that.

goodcop - 7/9/2009 11:42 AM
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I think that some cops take that litlle tin star on there shirt to far. I work for the department of corrections and we don't treat inmate that way. So why should a cop have the right to treat a public servent that way. It's just one cop that thinks he's a super cop and thinks he can do anything becuase he has a star on his chest. He should be fired and never aloud to work for any police department ever again.

RtrdTXSchBDrvr - 7/8/2009 10:31 AM
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The Trooper was absolutely in the wrong. He should have followed or cleared ahead of the ambulance to the hospital, keeping in mind the safety of the patient aboard. He had use of a radio and could call dispatch to assure himself if there was a patient aboard or not. Once at the hospital, after the patient's care was out of the EMT's hands, then he could have taken care of his business. He was just `ticked off` and throwing a temper tantrum which escalated into him behaving like a bully. His behavior would not be tolerated from teachers or students in the public schools, so why is Oklahoma tolerating this from its' public servant? If I were a member of the patient's family, the officer and other state departments would positively be sued. From a Retired Texas School Bus Driver

staroflife - 6/27/2009 2:53 PM
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I have news for all of the people posting comments about the EMT who was driving failing to yield to the ego hungry trooper. Jump behind the wheel of an ambulance and see just how easly it is to employ evasive driving technics at even minimal speeds. further more it is near impossible to be continously restraind in the back, and a good partner no matter if its an EMT-P or EMT-B CERT driving or riding or ALS or BLS call knows you can not drive like an idiot. The fact that people do not notice that the ambulance had to wait to safely pass a civilian car before it yielded. Notice I said HAD TO WAIT, if that EMT behind the wheel would have slammed on his brake to slow down and yield to the right he would have never safely slowed down in time and would have struck the civilian car and even if by some miracle he would have been able to stop his partner know doubt would have been hurt, then imagine what would have happened then. Two people would have ben hurt. I dont really agree that the Medic should have cleared all the way off the ambulance he probably should have stood in the door way and stated his case. The Trooper was way out of line and should have waited. Its obvious he was amped up as it was he was going to help out some brothers in blue and when he felt that the ambulance didnt yield he took it personal, its blatently obvious he took it personal he spent less than 10 seconds on scene to find out if everything was ok with the S.O. unit, then saw the ambulance and took off after it. When it comes to right and wrong both side were wrong but to very different degrees, the trooper was way off the mark. I love the men in blue because they are there when we need them but were there for them when they need us too.God Bless to all my fellow Brothers and sisters in the public services

8bud500 - 6/17/2009 8:31 PM
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"Acting as a patient advocate"?? How do you think his patient felt after this paramedic just rushed out the back door and now he's arguing with somebody {the Trooper}. That could have upset the patient being left by herself and could have caused her condition to deteriorate. It was so obvious the paramedic wanted to start a confrontation with the Trooper the way he charged out those doors and didn't even mention he had a patient at the beginning, until after he got the confrontation going and only after the driver said "we have a patient". The paramedic definitely showed a lack of regard for the patient himself by leaving her alone. Unfortunately for the patient, there were faults on both sides of these professions.

lawmedic - 6/17/2009 3:32 PM
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The officer should have followed the ambulance to the hospital. Although they weren't running code it doesn't change the fact that the patient was experiencing a medical emergency. Lets be honest here, the ambulance was pulled over b/c the cop thought the EMT flipped him off. The ambulance pulled over cautiously, as it should. I am a paramedic, and we are very rarely restrained as we have to start IVs, listen to breath sounds, EKG monitoring, etc. Therefore, evasive action puts me in danger of injury. Furthermore, the cop's comment about the emt needing to look in the rear view mirror doesn't hold water either. Some ambulances don't even have them because there is a paramedic behind you, and you can't see out anyway. These are big trucks that are noisy, bulky, and don't manuver quickly. The paramedic's action were boarderline abandonment, but it is a catch 22. Chest pain treatment requires a continuoum of care that doesn't need to be interrupted, so had he stayed exactly at his patient's side then there is a possibility that the patient could sustain more damage to her heart. The officer was just plain wrong, and needs to be fired. Ambulances are NOT private vehicles. Every state has a certification process conducted by the department of health before an ambulance can be put in service. In the end the issue should have been taken up at the ED not on the side of the road. The paramedic was doing what he was supposed to do, acting as a patient advocate.

bluegrassstate - 6/16/2009 9:03 PM
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Your not pulling over the passengers in the vehicle weather it's a car,truck or ambulance, your stopping the driver, and passengers should stay out of it. The driving infraction has nothing to do with the passenger's, they dont have a steering wheel nor gas peddle, and their not physically in control of the vehicle. The paramedic was WRONG, very wrong, the tape show's it, he abandoned his patient and left his patient alone, that is the main concern, if it were an emergency life threatening the ambulance would have the siren's on. It's clear it was not an emergency run. I didnt know you could operate an ambulance from the rear with a patient, your attention and concern should be on the patient.

bluegrassstate - 6/16/2009 8:50 PM
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Ok Rob321 now if you were on patrol and an ambulance or one of the volunteer firefighters--which i can say the volunteer fighters drive crazy going to a call, i've almost had close call's for them, but would you not pull them over and say hey "slow down"??? your not doing anyone no good if you dont make it there safely??? Now what if you pulled that volunteer fireman over and the passenger got out of the car and confronted you, and had an attitude with you??? it's not the passengers responsiability to engage you or talk to you, it's you and the driver of the vehicle in which you stopped!!!!! But i'm sure the officer did not know the ambulance had a patient in it, it didnt have the lights and siren on, and although a officer cant stop you for giving him the bird DO WE AS CITIZENS want it to come to that??? I would never flip off a cop, i've got tickets for speeding numerous time's, but you know what i was speeding and i know i was. But the Paramedic in my book should have stayed with his patient, he had NO business abandoning his patient. And i'm sure if the paramedic would not have caused and scene there the officer would have asked what was up with the driver and when he saw they had a patient the non code driving ambulance would have been on their way. The paramedic should have not been able to leave he was under arrest and resisted arrest, when your told your under arrest how can you un-arrest someone, they could have called another squad to transport the non-emergency patient. If the patient had life threatening injuries they would have the siren's on, or at least their lights. The paramedic screwed up, and interferred with the officer talking to the driver of the ambulance in which who done a traffic infraction, the paramedic had nothing to do with the driver.
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