Notorious Tulsa Suspects Named In Another Murder

DNA has been requested and another not excluded in a 2008 murder

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watchdog1 - 1/20/2011 4:23 PM
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newsherriff, you might feel the need to share the blame for these two worthless pieces of s**t, but I do not, they have had the same choices everyone else had, they are not kids, they are 39 and older, they are abusers, selfish, cruel murderers, liars, theives, robbers, drug dealers, rapist, kidnappers, and that is just the things we KNOW they have done, for you to make excuses for this trash just makes you sound like a liberal and a dumb a**, I share no responsibility for the way this gang banging human refuse has turned out, the only thing I even partially agreed with was your suggestion that we stone them to death. By the way, these two "brothers" DID have a family, and they were not as poor as my own family, you can't even blame the family, this pondscum makes their own decisions, and they make the same decisions again and again, why not, they never have to pay for the damage they do, as Cairo Black said, they have enough money they can do whatever they want to do, and get away with it, the courts just let them walk, if they get caught, they simply implicate someone else, give the cops some contrived, bullsh*t information, jail time. I have to believe either the DA is somehow involved with them, or we have the STUPIDEST JUSTICE SYSTEM IN THE US, they actually continue to believe these guys every time! Go back and read all the things Shields has been arrested for, and the man has not gone to jail yet....that is just unforgivable that our justice system has allowed this dangerous, violent killer to return to society again and again to prey on law abiding citizens. I have spoken to a friend who works for a huge media org. I am writing this story and sending it along with his past record to my friend who wants to publish it, I would like for any businesses or individuals who feel they would like move here,or invest in Oklahoma to be aware of this in-excusable failure of justice.

newsherriff - 1/20/2011 2:46 PM
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As these comments fail to answer the real problem here I will attempt to enlighten. Criminals are Increasing in Tulsa. These two,"Brothers" are an example of growing up impoverished and alone.Somewhere "WE" as a society lost them (and others) along time ago.Lawlessness is also a problem here in Tulsa.I really hate to advocate this, However, Stone them to death..Seems we must utilize the same things society used if we want to get back our City. I say this because we have tried to reform them, and they refused to repent or reform.Is the Mother or Father of these two alive? Do they need help? Tulsa needs a champion to get the bad seeds out of office. People know who is "Dirty" Speak up and lets get them all out of our City!! Wives of criminals,,Speak up!!

watchdog1 - 1/19/2011 3:40 PM
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Mr Shields obviously has nothing to fear from the law, otherwise he would have been locked away for good long ago, he's a C.I. otherwise known as a "snitch" that is why he commits crimes and never goes to jail, you would have to be an idiot not to figure that out, he had better watch his back, punks who spend as much time providing information to the law about his friends and business contacts as old Allen does is going be found in a landfill one day, one of the other bad a**es will take care of him eventually, his money won't matter to these guys, watch and remember I predicted this.

thedailybuzz - 1/19/2011 3:25 PM
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Kudos guys, anyone that can commit that many and those types of crimes and constantly get away with it should run for police chief, city council, or for mayor! Keep up the good work!!!

watchdog1 - 1/19/2011 2:21 PM
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Well Cairo Black, if you look up to that trash Shields I can just imagine the class of person you are, I sure hope you don't live anywhere near my neighborhood, yeesh.

Cairo Black - 1/19/2011 12:42 PM
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Allen Shields is an example of how with enough money you can't be touched. He is Mr. Untouchable and I look up to him. Allen Shields is the truth!

stingray - 1/18/2011 11:05 PM
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You people that defend Tim Harris don't know what your talking about. I knew of him and his cronies when he was in Ottawa county.You people are ignorant of the corruption in that county while he was there.

watchdog1 - 1/18/2011 7:50 PM
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Balderdash and crapola....I don't have a problem with Harris per say, but come on...this guy has been arrested so many times they know him on a first name basis downtown, he has gotten out of it and been allowed to walk, over and over because he always makes a deal to rat on someone else, and as for the hit on Tim Harris...I never believed that story....not for a minute, I don't know if Mr. Harris was responsible for the release of Shields before, but he should not have agreed to a deal for him, the two dirtbags he ratted on were cleared on DNA evidence, so clearly they were not the ones who did it, and if I was a betting kind, I would bet anyone $100 right now that they will find, if they can catch and test Shields, that he was the one all along, but they won't find him...he has rabbited and they next time they find him, will be after he kills someone else, are you going to continue to defend our DA if the next person Shields kills is someone you love? How many times should murderers be freed to kill again? How many times can our DAs and Judges free killers before we begin to consider them accomplices? I have always believed in the law and justice, but lately I have watched a pattern of what is either indifference or just inept enforcement of laws resulting in the victimization of the good, common, law abiding people who are just trying to live the best they can and raise a family in peace, and that isn't right, when our lawmakers and law enforcement fails to serve the people who pay their wages, it is the job and responsibility of the citizens to step up and speak up.....and that is what I am doing.

roadhunter - 1/18/2011 7:11 PM
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@watchdog, you really want to blame the D.A. for this? These same guys are the ones who put out a hit on Tim Harris himself! Tulsa is fortunate to have a fantastic district attorney in Mr. Harris. If he didn't charge Shields, it's because he didn't have a case.

watchdog1 - 1/18/2011 4:17 PM
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Guess what, murderer, drug dealer, car thief and woman abuser/rapist, Allen Shields is free, believe this, he IS going to go out and rob, steal, assault and kill again, whoever his next victim is, be sure to thank the DA for releasing this sorry piece of worthless s**t back into society for a third or fourth time, the next death will have been made possible by our DA and justice system, so be sure and remember that when someone you love dies at his hand.
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