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Memorial held for two teenagers in car crash

The mothers of two teenagers killed last month in Cherokee County held memorials Monday night in both Tahlequah and Chesterfield, MI.

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Paulsmom19 - 7/18/2013 9:37 AM
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My son Paul Jr did know the Dangers of riding in the back of trucks as did all the other children that were with him that night but ya see they are teenagers and they werent thinking they all made a mistake and my son paid the Ultimate price for his and so did Little Michael Rogers. My family is not blaming others for our son's death we know who the blame goes towards and real soon he will be getting Arrested for his Actions. We have already made contact with the Oklahoma Representatives about getting the Law changed we are trying to make it Illegal for anyone of any age to be riding in the Bed of a Pickup truck and I Pray that it will help Save more Innocent Lives.

Paulsmom19 - 7/18/2013 9:24 AM
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Disgruntled - 7/17/2013 2:48 PM
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Matt: I am not uncaring and heartless. I lost one of my best friends the exact same way. He was 16 at the time. We were heartbroken and devastated, but we did not immediately start shouting "We need a law to prevent this". All I'm trying to say is people are going to do it anyway. We can't continue to regulate every single action or there will be no freedom left in America. I'm going overboard? I don't think so. Every single time there is an accident, people start shouting about laws. I'm sure this boy was a fine young man, but he was old enough to make the choice and know the dangers, and he did it anyway. That was HIS decision, and all I'm saying is that people need to start being responsible for their actions. Yes, he paid with his life, but it was HIS choice to ride in that pickup with that particular driver. Don't lay it on everybody else.Yes it was a tragedy, and yes it could have been prevented, but it could have been prevented by this young man CHOOSING NOT to ride in the back of that pickup. I'm not heartless or uncaring, but I am tired of every time anyone, including teenagers, make a decision that is wrong or that ends tragically, they want the government to make a law against it. That is not the way our country is supposed to operate, people are supposed to take RESPONSIBILITY for their own actions, not expect the government to do everything.

MATT BACA - 7/17/2013 5:44 AM
3 Votes
DISGRUNTLED. you are obviously heartless and uncaring to the situation.. the Blevin' are amazing parents and did teach Paul right from wrong.. If yo had a child and this happened to him you would be devastated and would want to do something.. The law she is proposing is not a PERMANANET solution but if it an save some lives then why not? Your going overboard with your idiocy on "Let's ban this and let's ban that" it's true you can be killed doing daily activities.. Ive known people killed n trucks that were SOBER! Simple over correct of truck they lost control and a child was killed then just by force of impact. It's true people will break laws and do what they want. So in your eyes and your view if people will still murder, rape, and rob people even though they are laws let's just make that stuff LEGAL! Reading some of your post extremesports are not in the same category we are talking about here.. These people are paid like you said but these kids that lost their lives were not getting paid to ride in that truck. They paid with their young lives. You don't know all the facts involved in this tragedy and I do think it should be a law.. It's a horrible thing that happened and the more and more steps we take to prevent it the better. Your last statement.. "Now do you understand why every little action can't be a law?" Really, A "little" action? I hardly feel 2 Children losing their lives a "little" action.. but maybe I'm just HUMAN. So no, we don't understand- I do though now understand why every JACKASS should on occasion be censored and not have their freedom of speech, so thank you for that.

Disgruntled - 7/16/2013 11:04 PM
0 Votes
You're missing the point I was trying to make sparkz. Where are we supposed to stop with banning dangerous activities? I mean, it's dangerous to walk across the street, it's dangerous to ski, it's dangerous to bungee jump, it's dangerous for people to dive into water when they don't know how deep it is.Are we supposed to ask the government to ban all these activities, or everytime there is an accident in some activity that results in a death, are we supposed to ban that activity then? It makes no difference whether this law would be passed or not; as you said kids will be kids, and they're going to ride in the back of a pickup. Most of us did it growing up. You just have to make sure that the person driving isn't an idiot who drives drunk, runs a stop sign and hits a tree. WE CAN'T PREVENT EVERY SINGLE ACCIDENT BY TELLING PEOPLE IT"S AGAINST THE LAW. And more and more people have the "It will never happen to me" attitude, especially teenagers. We don't need more laws like this on the books that people are not going to follow anyway. If parents don't want their children in the back of a pickup, teach them not to do it. Teenagers don't obey laws, look how many of them are drinking and high on drugs. That activity is illegal but people, not just teenagers, do it anyway.And your 1st 2 sentences bear that out: "ok so he was a teenager. When your a teenager if you think its fun and all your friends are doing it your gonna do it! EXACTLY MY POINT!!! There have been people killed doing motocross, nascar racing, etc. Do you want to make them illegal, cause I guarantee that the people that make money off these sports will fight it tooth and nail. WE CAN'T KEEP PASSING LAWS FOR EVERY THING, OR WE WILL SOON HAVE TO SIT IN OUR HOMES AND DO NOTHING, BUT WAIT, WE COULD BE ELECTROCUTED IN OUR HOMES AND OFFICES OR FALL. Sorry, let's make a law: no more electricity, no more running water cause we might drown in the bathtub. Now do you understand why every little action cant be a law

sparkz918 - 7/16/2013 6:54 PM
3 Votes
Ok so he was a teenager!!! When your a teenager if you think its fun and all your friends are doing it your gonna do it! Plus he was most likely not in his right state of mind because they were drinking it was an ACCIDENT!!! Your right it could have been prevented but guess what it wasn't ok and I think a law for riding in the back of trucks would be great because there is a lot of people riding in the back of trucks which is dangerous there is no seat belts back there so why ride back there.. I disagree with some of the things you said DISGRUNTLED. We needs all laws that can prevent things like this from happening.

Disgruntled - 7/16/2013 9:28 AM
1 Vote
Here we go again. Let's make another law, which we don't need. If you don't want your children riding in the back of a pickup, teach them not to. We don't need another law. We need people to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. I'm sorry that there was an accident and your son died. That is a tragedy. But at 19 he knew the dangers and he chose to ride where he did anyway. And, who was responsible for the 14 year old? Who let him go with friends knowing they had a pickup truck? Next you're going to want a law that won't allow children to ride inside vehicles because the vehicle might crash and kill them. I'm sorry, but we have enough laws; we don't need anymore. What we need is for people to start accepting responsibility for their own actions. We live in America, not Russia, where we are SUPPOSED to be free to make our own decisions. But with those decisions come responsibility. Quit putting this horrific accident on everyone else and put it where it belongs. This accident would not have happened if the driver hadn't ran the stop sign and ran into a tree. Sounds to me like the responsibility falls right there.
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