Gay Man Attacked During Hate Crime?

25 year-old believes he was attacked outside of Tulsa because of his sexual orientation.

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restricted716 - 11/26/2010 8:14 PM
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well Slim I have to admit I’m probably not as well read in a particular version of the bible as you are, but I must say I try to read the one I have as if it were God talking to a people not just a person. That make any sense? I really can’t see the book as an authorization to pass judgment on my fellow man. I do see it as a road map to get from point (a) which is where you were before salvation, to point (b) or where you end your journey of life. What other purpose would God have for it? What other reason for its inspiration would there be by the almighty? Was it given to us to use as a weapon against our brother? No, it was a gift given to us. As far as my take on the Luke scripture, this is how I would break that one down. This scripture indicates that when we judge others our spiritual vision will be blurred. A plank is an obstacle, and we cannot see through a piece of wood. At best, we will only have peripheral vision around the obstacle. So it is with a judgment. A judgment will block the very thing we desire to see. We think we are seeing into another, when actually, we are looking into a mirror of our own soul. We know from the scripture that we are what we have judged. In fact, in judging another, we have actually judged ourselves. As far as the animal topic, animals are a part of the "makeup" of nature as a whole and I was trying to shed light on the erroneous usage of "against the laws of nature". So thank you Slim for giving me the opportunity to explain myself more thoroughly. Oh and I will leave you with one other fact about your faith you seem to forget... If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?

slimjim - 11/25/2010 4:19 PM
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OMG restricted716, You talk about your believing the ignorance and wasting your time in reading these posts. ROFLMAO. You are such a scholar! Personally I never gave much thought or attention to the homosexual behavior of animals. I therefore must respectfully decline your invitation to discuss such trivial and worthless topics. You wasting your time reading these post, and you find time to examine two homosexual penquins at the zoo. GEE, what a interesting way to spend the day. Yes you are right MY GOD did say it, that's enough for me. I am very familiar with the scripture you referred to, as well as the ENTIRE BIBLE Somehow I find it much more important to dwell on the salvation of individuals, instead of animal behavior and homosexual penquins. I doubt very seriously if animals will be judged for their sins, mankind will. The Bible, which I believe is the inspired word of God, is very clear on this subject, and it certainly does not refer to penquins. Humnm, did you not grasp the meaning of the exact scripture YOU quoted, (Luke 6:42) "your exact words, ignorance in any form needs to be corrected". YOU STAND CORRECTED!

restricted716 - 11/24/2010 9:41 PM
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I cannot believe the ignorance I have just wasted my time on in reading these posts. First let’s address the Bible issue, GOD DID NOT write this. The hand of a man did. The King James Version that you pull your reference from was commissioned by a king that was known to entertain younger males quite frequently and was interpreted by men that had a great deal of disdain for their King. Secondly, the whole idea that homosexuality is an act against the laws of nature??? Shall we discuss the numerous cases of animal homosexual behavior? How about we examine one such case locally in which two penguins at the Tulsa Zoo had went thru mating and nesting periods together and it was only after sometime of no baby penguins being brought about was it discovered that they were both males. I personally am not gay and am quite happily married as a matter of fact, but ignorance in any form needs to be corrected. So please if you are going to quote scripture in reference to this topic, please know your world and biblical history before you cite it. In addition, if you are going to condemn homosexuality based on the "laws" of nature, know something about animal behavior. That said, I may go to hell for stating the facts here because your God says so, but I wouldn’t bank on it... If you are right about your beliefs, I offer you one scripture that you would still need to read ......Luke 6:42

slimjim - 11/24/2010 1:17 PM
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Toner are you compassionate because someone was PUNCHED IN THE FACE, or are you compassionate because they are GAY AND WERE PUNCHED IN THE FACE? Please read the posts by kindagreywolf, RealityStrikes, and watchdog1. They make some very good points. Do you know why these 2 men were attacked? I doubt very seriously if it was only because they are gay.

toner - 11/24/2010 10:49 AM
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Such kind, compassionate Christians we have here in Tulsa. Two men were attacked, and all you can talk about is their sexual orientation? Yes, that may have been a factor in the attack, but really... get off your freaking soapboxes about GAY IS A CHOICE and GAYS ARE ALL CATTY B*TCHES have a little compassion for someone who was PUNCHED IN THE FACE in the middle of downtown, outside of a busy club.

JoJo - 11/23/2010 9:09 PM
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Are you serious? Thugs beating up someone because of there "Sexual Orientation in the year 2010?"

kindagreywolf - 11/23/2010 5:58 PM
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People always try to justify there Deviant behavior.

RealityStrikes - 11/23/2010 4:39 PM
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"AmericanInfdl " ... I SAID BEING GAY IS A CHOICE. No one is "born that way". Read it again.

slimjim - 11/23/2010 4:36 PM
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uugirl, you quoted, "the teaching of my church". Well I don't know where you go to church, but apparently you don't use the Holy Bible. I encourage YOU to read the following, that is IF you believe in the Bible as being the inspired word of God. The BIBLE, clearly states that homosexuality is condemned and it is abomination. READ THESE: LEV. 18:22 LEV. 20:13 1 COR. 6: 9-10 ROM. 1: 26-28 ANY QUESTIONS????? When you talk about what YOUR pastor said, let me remind you, it's not what YOUR pastor says, it's what GOD says. I agree with RealityStrikes 100%. Homosexuality is a choice. God made Adam and Eve ( not Adam and Steve ) to procreate. MY church believes Homosexuality is a sin, it is a chosen lifestyle, and that GOD loves the sinner, but hates the sin. HE said it, ( not some pastor ) I believe it, end of story.

watchdog1 - 11/23/2010 3:51 PM
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Just had a thought, maybe when the tall, muscular attackers asked about the after-party they received an invitation to a private "after-party" from the gay guys and didn't appreciate it too much! Maybe this is how they knew the two "victims" were gay, maybe the attackers didn't know the bar was a gay bar at all. Hmmmm, do you think? If you believe it was a case of two gay guys being the victims of a hate crime, in all fairness, we have to consider this possibility also don't we.
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