Felons Living In Apartments

Apt. management may say "No Felons Allowed", but we found out that policy doesn't exist.

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AHarris01 - 1/12/2011 4:50 PM
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I haven't been in the system in 7years and my felony is alittle over 10yrs old. I have established some credit as well as a stable income, and have stayed in a residence for almost 2years on two different occassions. I would like to think that I have did the time for my crime: Im in recovery, getting ready for g.e.d. testing and have reunited w/ family I would really appreciate all and any kind of assistance that you can provide me with. I located in Indiana and it's fox 59 if you can have them to look in to this I would be more than grateful. AHarris

JHinkson - 12/14/2010 1:39 AM
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My children are paying for my felony. I have to live in run down apartments and pay 950.00 a month for a apartmant with 2 bedrooms dive. I have a slum lord that has me by the throat I graduated drug court I voliteer at the shelter it's bad enough I scrub toilets for 8.50 an hour to feed my 2 kids and wife and elderly father with cancer. Life is almost not worth living after I payed my doo for a drug charge years ago

bouchie739 - 5/12/2010 4:52 PM
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I personally feel much safer if I were NOT living among felons. That being said, what is a reformed felon to do? If they aren't allowed to live a normal and productive life than how are they supposed to?

roadhunter - 11/5/2009 12:00 PM
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Wel...duh! Would any sane apartment manager say "You bet, we have felons living here"? I've never seen a rental agreement that asked for a criminal history. How could anyone be so stupid as to believe this was the case in the first place? I sure do miss Kaci Christian. Better reporter, and much easier on the eyes.

rosebud55 - 11/5/2009 9:46 AM
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Yes, there are felons living in All Apts around town.There are also Drug dealers, sex offenders, Gang members, hookers and everything else living in the 2 apartment complexes in my neighborhood. Why aren't you writing about that? If you want A good story I will tell you one. I have lived in my home for 9 years and seen almost everything short of a murder being committed. (That is even Questionable)I am disgusted with our police force not doing there job and complaining all the time. The mayors action center is a joke ! No one can direct to the right person. Tulsa's noise ordinances need to be updated . They should have been years ago. I can go on and on . the plain and simple truth is Tulsa is a mess. It does not have good leadership! The police force needs to be revamped. lrl

hater - 11/4/2009 10:14 PM
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WTF felons are ppl too if they cant lease an apt where the f**k do u suggest they live? i think the person that did this article is retarded

clwkchamber - 11/4/2009 8:57 AM
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I'm waiting...

clwkchamber - 11/4/2009 8:40 AM
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Thank you Tulsa! There ARE SOME REAL people who DO have a brain and a heart! Convicted felons (most of us) ARE real people and have made a mistake, or WAS addicted to something or the other, but I have kids, and We need to eat (translate into getting a JOB), or would you like to keep paying your taxes for us to KEEP going to welfare for a food card? WE NEED a place to live too ( or would you like to KEEP paying taxes for me and my kids to live in low-income housing?) because I CAN"T find a decent employer who is willing to hire an EX-convicted felon, such as myself? The laws ABSOLUTELY nneed to be changed,and I am working with some people, (not saying who) but maybe if EVERYONE who reads this, passes it on, will COMTACT your State Rep, Congressman, and EVERY political leader you can, and let them know WE WANT the laws CHANGED, maybe we, as a group can get something done and MAYBE, if after some work on our part,us "convicted felons" MAY have 1/2 a chance at a normal life again! I'm pushing for making it apart of the discrimination act., so that companies cannot ask it on their applications, apartments cannot discriminate against renting to felons,so on and so forth...Even if we have to prove ourselves, by testing, or some other form of positive action, it would be well worth being able to get treated like every other "normal" citizen. At the rate Oklahoma pushes to slam people into the prisons system, it would behoove Oklahoma to let some of us WORK and pay taxes and become more self-sufficient.White collars get their hands slapped, and hurt other's lives, and their resources, I only hurt myself. I (for one) have served my time SUCCESSFULLY, and have moved on with my life, but am STILL paying for my crime (addiction) even NOW, almost 10 years later!!!Justice for who?????? One more thing, I bet 99% of Oklahomans Know someone, or knows someone who does know someone who has been convicted of SOMETHING, remember, "he who casts the first stone"...back to you,Emily!!

papdadi - 11/4/2009 8:11 AM
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well said kindagreywolf

kindagreywolf - 11/4/2009 2:26 AM
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You guys are going to keep kicking these people while there down, there going to go out and commit more crimes to survive, period. If I had a felony and did my time, tried to go the straight and narrow, no one would give me a job or a place to live, I would be sticking ice picks in the back of peoples heads to survive. I can see it if there certain kind of sex offenders and stuff, but sheesh. I thought this Jesus Christ of yours taught mercy and compassion?
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