Police: Deadly shooting at Best Buy is gang related

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Reported by: Brittany Jeffers
Updated: 7/15/2012 11:38 pm Published: 7/14/2012 2:52 pm

Tulsa police said the search continues for the person involved in the fatal shootings that happened in the parking lot of the Best Buy at 5250 E. Skelly Dr.

According to police, around 2:30 p.m. Saturday, a car pulled up to the Best Buy. Police said the driver got into an argument with 34-year-old Scott Norman. Police told FOX23, surveillance pictures show the driver pulling out a gun and shooting at least nine rounds.

Norman was hit, along with an innocent bystander, 58-year-old Graydon Brown. Brown was inside the store with his 10-year-old daughter.

Police said the shooting is gang related, and the department's Organized Gang Unit is assisting in the investigation.  Homicide detectives say this shooting is related to at least two other gang-related murders over the years, including the July 2008 shooting deaths of Tajuan Davis and Teonte Ray in North Tulsa.  No one was arrested for their murders, and police say although they had suspects' names, witnesses were reluctant to come forward to testify.  In July 2011, Bryan Mitchell and Kanisha Jackson were shot to death at a North Tulsa home.  Mitchell was believed to have been involved with the Ray and Davis murders, according to police.  However, Jackson was killed only because she was with Mitchell at the time.  No one has ever been arrested.  Police say they believe these shootings are both tied to Saturday's ambush at Best Buy.

Investigators say the suspect in the Best Buy shooting is a Black man, between 25 and 35-year-old, 5'06", and weighing around 180 pounds, with a scraggly beard. He was driving a small black car.

Surveillance photos show a person of interest in a white jersey with the words "Let's eat" and number on the back.  Police say Scott Norman and his brother were at Promenade Mall prior to the shooting, and police say the person in the jersey was in close proximity to the brothers.  Police would like to interview that individual.

According to Police, Best Buy has counselors available for employees. A sign on the store says it will be open on Monday at 9:00am.

Anyone with information on these murders is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (918) 596- 2677, The Homicide Tip Line at 918 798 8477 or email homicide@cityoftulsa.org.



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aleman - 7/16/2012 3:25 PM
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I'm filling up with gas awhile back and this scrawny necked white boy pulled in with his rap crap blaring,parking lot full of women and children,and it was MF this and MF that and how he was going to force all these digusting sex acts on her then kill her,good stuff,positive influence.We pour trillions of dollars each year into these troubled,underprivileged areas all over the U.S. can anybody give me one good example of any good it has done?

aleman - 7/16/2012 2:43 PM
1 Vote
You can't tell me this music has not had a negative influence,anyway these gang cowards aren't black,white,or brown they're yellow to the core of their damned souls.Back shoot an unarmed man,slaughter an innocent bystander in front of his daughter,somebody out there blame the "Man"or his mother or music or whatever, he made a conscious effort to pull the trigger.Damn his sorry hide,the seventh circle of hell is to good for him. 90% of kids anymore don't have parents,broken families shoved off on grandma who's to old to control them.The damned schools are a joke they promote this kind of behavior.

watchdog11 - 7/16/2012 12:17 PM
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Great point OFBDI, I don't think it is the music or movies so much as the parents not knowing or caring what the kids are doing, you know the parents and family of this man know who he is, but they won't say anything, but when he gets shot by some other gangster they will demand justice then.....it always comes home to roost, the people who know who this guy is will be burying him too as a result of their not letting the cops pick him up and put him where he will be safe at least, jail isn't great but it is better than being out on the street waiting for someone on the other side to retaliate, more are going to die because of this, as long as it is gang bangers, ok, they chose this life, Mr. Brown and his family did not choose this, he was the innocent victim here, to hell with the idiots who go around shooting wildly into a store, home or crowd, I will be glad when someone pops them, don't even care if it is a clean kill or if it is in the back, that is what they deserve.

OFBD1 - 7/16/2012 8:43 AM
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This whole deal is a very sad story!!! I would like to say that Music don't make people kill people. ITs not cuz of the gangsta rap movement in the 90's. Gangs been going on long before that. My opinion is the problem is these youngsters parents were gang members, and its a family tradtion type thing. The young people today moms and dads that where crips & bloods either parent is dead or in jail and they just follow suit. I've listened to gangsta rap my whole life and it never made me go shoot someone but maybe cuz my dad was in my life growing up as a good role model and didn't go for that BS! And folks Tulsa is no diffrent then any CITY they all have the problem. And to say that Obama has ANYTHING to do with things like this is just Stupid!! And I personally don't like Obama (black man here). This is a sad deal and I send my prayers out to both families. Changing admins either Tulsa or National isn't going to change anything. Adding more Police Force isn't going to change anything. The communities have to come together and make changes. Funny thing is that when they do people just say bad things about it on here. If you want to make a diffrence in your city...show it don't just sit back and say it!! Actions Speak Louder Then Words!! A lot of the problem with most of the kids is that they grow thinking NOBODY cares...maybe its time to start showing we care and that May help a Little bit. And to me one saved gangster is better then none. You never know until you try it. And my money is where my mouth is...I have personally Mentor kids! That being said I'm just like y'all I hope that catch this man and he gets the needle cuz from what I've seen and experinced once a killer always a killer!! Need to be off the streets!!

aleman - 7/16/2012 4:07 AM
0 Votes
The person who pulled the trigger made a conscious decision to do so,it is not anyones fault but his own.If it is anyones fault it would the movies,tv,and the music that glorifies this kind of behavior.The Jews being the most horribly treated group of people on Earth don't go around acting like this.History is just an excuse,every race of man has been mistreated at one time or another,get over it.

aleman - 7/16/2012 3:50 AM
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The death of the grandfather is not the result of Tulsas' bigoted past.It's the result of a selfish coward trying to make a name for himself amongst the rest of his lowlife gangbanger buddies.Always with the excuses for this trash.

Unwashed Mass - 7/15/2012 11:34 PM
1 Vote
The main reason people dont talk is because when the investigation is going nowhere, police will arrest witnesses since they know the most about the crime. We saw that just this week when DNA evidence cleared a witness that police had arrested for a crime he reported.

Stampy - 7/15/2012 9:02 PM
0 Votes
This country has the highest incarceration rate in the history of the world. There are more black people incarcerated now than the height of Apartheid in South Africa. Prison is the problem, it feeds and nurtures a system of heathen behavior and gang activity. Thus, everyone eventually becomes enraptured in it, whether their original intention was to be a gang banger or not. Tulsa is a product of its bigoted, racist past, there fore the greater the reaction. It is unfortunate but not unforeseen. Don't expect local geniuses to be able to articulate real problems.

aleman - 7/15/2012 11:56 AM
2 Votes
We'll see how tough these wimp bloods and crips are when the zeta drug cartel gets going strong here they'll run that bunch of lilly livered pansies out of town.Bad thing about it it will take an army division to get rid of the zetas.Tulsa police with their hands tied,politicians known nationwide as being extremely weak on crime we are the laughing stock of America.Tell someone you are from Tulsa and their first response is"Oh,isn't that like the murder capital?"or"Don't you all have a big meth problem?"It's embarassing,I have relatives from out of state who are afraid to come here from what they have heard on their local news,and some goobers here say we don't have crime problem.

aleman - 7/15/2012 11:38 AM
1 Vote
These gang members are all a bunch of wimps without a gun or a large group of fellow scumbags they are nothing.back shooting is their mode of operation,somebody pull a gun on them they run off.
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