Election sign allegedly leads to death threat

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Updated: 10/08/2012 10:24 am Published: 10/07/2012 9:29 pm

A Tulsa man says an election sign on his front lawn has lead to a death threat. 

Kyle Counts was outside his new house with his friend when his neighbor drove up and shouted at him.

“He appeared drunk and his question to me, was, ‘Are you a democrat or are you a politician?’ Which in it of itself suggested to me he wasn’t all there so I said ‘Excuse me?’” said Counts.  “He got out of the car, cursed at me said I didn’t even know what the bleep he was talking about.”

Counts' girlfriend, Alisa Hopkins, was inside Counts’ house and came out toward the end of the argument.  The neighbor had parked in his driveway, which is two houses down from Counts’ home.

“He came and told me I was the new guy on the block,” continued Counts.  “He said, ‘I don’t want any problems,’ and I said ‘Well, there aren’t any problems, you are free to vote however you want and this is how I am voting and he proceeded to tell me ‘Well, there could be,’ and I asked him ‘Are you threatening me?’ And he said, ‘No, it is what it is.’  He continuously got aggressive cursing at me, threatening there were going to be problems if I didn’t take the sign down.” 

The neighbor would not stop arguing, according to Counts.

“At that point his wife came out and grabbed him and she didn’t apologize but she did say she would keep him away and from harassing us,” said Counts.  “The last thing he yelled was ‘I am going to shoot you all.’”

Hopkins happened to record the neighbor’s audio on her cell phone.  You can here a man shouting “I’m going to shoot you guys” on the cell phone video.  You can also hear the reaction of Counts, his friend, and Hopkins.  They were in disbelief. 

“I was shocked,” said Counts.  “I have never experienced anything like this and I am a pretty outspoken person about my political beliefs.”

“I am concerned to be outside during the evenings now,” said Hopkins.  “I don’t know this individual.  “We don’t want to remove the sign.”

“I have no illusions about Oklahoma,” said Counts.  “I know candidate Romney will win this state, but I am a political person and I feel the least I should be able to put a sign in my yard without being harassed, much less death threats.”

FOX23 talked with the neighbors, who allegedly yelled the threat.  A woman in the house said her husband never threatened them.  

When FOX23 told her there was a cell phone video recording the man’s voice saying he would shoot them, she denied that and said Hopkins was the aggressive one. 

Counts had called the police and the police talked with both parties.  Counts said the police told him the neighbors denied everything and no police report was filed. 

The couple plans to stand by their rights and keep the sign up until the end of the election season. 

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jo blo - 10/12/2012 9:52 PM
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Isn't it amazing to read the comments from Liberals assuming that the out of control person just had to be a conservative? There are many independents and many intelligent people who know what Oblahblah has done to this country and how he has created division not unity.

hockeygrin - 10/12/2012 1:24 PM
0 Votes
LOL oh, those crazy, wacky, emotional right wing conservatives!! LOL!! Conservatives are very emotional people...they are unable to handle it when faced with the reality of differing opinions. I'm sure the conservative went home & started weeping because he felt really bad. Poor emotional conservative!

MsgtRet - 10/9/2012 6:23 PM
1 Vote
You go too, Observer!

observer - 10/9/2012 10:22 AM
1 Vote
Not a good way to represent your party. "I will harrass and threaten whoever doesn't agree with me". How do you view this country? What does being a patriot really mean to you? As an undecided voter I plan to go get a sign and put it in my yard.

MrNiceGuy22 - 10/8/2012 2:38 PM
2 Votes
Kyle I support ya buddy. This is America, we're free to support anything or anyone. Anyone who threatens another man's well being or property for doing so just isn't American in my opinion because it means they don't believe in what our country is supposed to stand for. I'm undecided on who deserves my vote, neither are lookin too good IMO at this point, but I won't say or do anything to anyone in a negative manner if their choice differs from mine. That would be foolish. As Americans we are entitled to our opinions and choices. Doesnt mean you have to like it, but you should respect just based on respecting what America is all about. Just thinkin this is evidence against evolution, seein as how that neighbor resorted to threats and confrontation in this way...you mean to tell me that's the act of one who is 'evolved'? Come on people, try to show some maturity and sanity; we need that in these times now more than ever.

Unwashed Mass - 10/8/2012 1:23 PM
2 Votes
Had the neighbor threatened one of the cops like that, he would never see the light of day.

MsgtRet - 10/8/2012 12:55 PM
5 Votes
Good for you, Kyle. I served to protect the peace & freedoms of our country - even jerks like your neighbor's right to have their opinions - NOT TO MAKE THREATS NOR TO ACT UPON THEM. Those who can't disagree without hate & hurt need to be visited by local law enforcement with appropriate action. I hope he is sternly advised and watched. God's speed to you and all who respect the freedoms & responsibilities of the USA.

suvivorman - 10/8/2012 11:00 AM
1 Vote
any one who would put that in his yard is an idiot, obv.

USEagle - 10/8/2012 10:05 AM
1 Vote
Just because someone wants to vote for a worthless twit is no reason to threaten them.

Fuegolar - 10/8/2012 9:57 AM
1 Vote
So if he does shot them the TPD is now liable for their harm...if there was indeed video/audio.
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