Capobiancos still hoping to see "baby" Veronica

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Reported by: Sara Whaley
Updated: 8/15/2013 9:18 pm Published: 8/15/2013 8:59 pm

FOX23 learned the adoptive family of baby Veronica had an opportunity to see the girl, but didn’t.

Here is the very latest in this case. So far there is still no sign of baby Veronica or her biological father Dusten Brown. Her adoptive parents flew into Tulsa and spoke Wednesday asking to see the girl. Now we've learned, there has been an opportunity, but it came with a catch.

FOX23 uncovered the strange twist. When we asked Dusten Brown's attorney's why they wouldn't let the adoptive parents from South Carolina see Veronica he said he had made multiple efforts to make that happen.

FOX23 took that information to the Capobiancos' family friend and found out it wasn’t that simple.

“I think there's a sense of anxiousness, when you're this close instead of five states away," Jessica Munday said.

She is a friend who has been speaking on behalf of Matt and Melony Capobianco. The Capobiancos flew into Tulsa to find their adoptive daughter after a court's ruling in their favor and the failure on a part of her father to comply with the ruling. Yesterday in a news conference at the Hyatt Regency, they said they were here for a resolution and "a chance to visit with their daughter.”

However, today FOX23 found out from Dusten Brown's attorney that they had an offer to see the child. So FOX23 asked Munday why it hadn't happened yet.

“It's my understanding that getting to see her may be tied to offers,” Munday replied.

Yesterday the Capobiancos said they wanted to see the Browns stay in Veronica's life but the two parties haven't spoken directly. They've only gone through an attorney and as much as
the Copabiancos want to see Veronica, they didn’t feel comfortable responding to whatever stipulations are being put on any potential visit.

"We feel they should have an opportunity to visit with her before anything is determined in her long  term future and her life,” Munday said.

FOX23 will stay in contact with both parties as the situation continues to develop.


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Mayor Maynot - 8/17/2013 5:52 PM
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Papajoe #8^] some texts are used in court as evidence. It's always best to be careful what you say no matter how you say it.

Larry - 8/16/2013 4:02 PM
1 Vote
I use to think Fox 23 was a good news station but didn't realize they are afraid to report all of the truth. The C,s only had Roni for 2 years because of the court battle in SC. They don't report about the Oklahoma Laws that was broken to get her to SC our children Indian or not can not leave the state for 10 days they took her in 3 days . Another law says that a parent in Oklahoma can not give up their rights without going in front of a Judge. Every single man should be concerned about our children being took from us without our knowledge. Larry

minpinsr4me - 8/16/2013 10:39 AM
1 Vote
OOPS i hit enter before i was finish ... TO ME IT SEEMS THE CAPOBIANCOS are about CONTROL and causing this father Hell cause he wants his baby or they would have jumped thru the hoops and had a SUPERVISED VISIT..

minpinsr4me - 8/16/2013 10:36 AM
1 Vote
THE CAPOBIANCOS refused a supervised visit .. If THEY REALLY wanted to see her they should have .. IF it where me and I LOVED this child and had a chance to see her after 19 months I dont care who i had to setting in the room I would jump thru that hoop and get my kiss on the cheek as the spokes woman for them said thats what they wanted to do..

Disgruntled - 8/16/2013 9:23 AM
1 Vote
Yes, PapaJoe, he signed legal papers. Even he states that he signed legal papers giving up his parental rights, but thought that it was just for the mother to have legal custody. WRONG ANSWER! Ignorance is no excuse when it comes to the law. He didn't want the child then because he didn't want to have to pay child support for another child. After all, the mother of another daughter has filed charges against him for being over 11,000 dollars in arrears. In my opinion, the truth of the matter is that he didn't care about the baby until his mama found out and then this whole mess started when they involved the Cherokee tribe. The child has very very little cherokee blood. This man is in the military (or was) and swore to uphold the laws of this nation. If he doesn't want to do that he should leave. You can't just uphold the law when its favorable to you; it has to be upheld all the time. I have Cherokee blood, and the way this man and the tribe have acted is a disgrace. Governor Fallin is just as bad; she swore to uphold the laws when she took her oath of office. Now she is picking and choosing which laws to uphold as well. It is things like this that make Oklahoma a laughing stock to the rest of the nation. Make Brown face the consequences of his actions and give the child back to her rightful and legal parents. Oh, and Fox23, the adoption is not pending. It was finalized in a South Carolina Court, which is where this should be settled as that is where the child was living at the time of the adoption. Oklahoma had no right to get involved in this matter at all.

PROTECTIVEMOM - 8/16/2013 5:15 AM
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The only circus being dragged around in the Cherokees. They, along with the Browns, are nothing but clowns. Funny how so many of you are in favor of Dusten. LovingJesus (wow, I wonder what Jesus would say about this?), you seem to know an awful lot of hearsay and rumors. The Capobianco's had an opportunity to visit Veronica BUT with Dusten's strings attached (which no one has said what those were). There has been numerous people that have tried to intervene and try to come to terms with what the courts have decided. Remember, who took this to the courts in the first place? Dusten did. People can say all they want about the family she should be with. Not a single one of you were speaking out when he ripped her out of their home in the first place. You say that they didn't want a transition for Dusten to take her~ Really? Everything I've read (including those who 100% support him) has never said that. He wanted to take her away from them asap. It's ridiculous that he just won't let them see her. Let a Cherokee member and a state DHS member supervise the visit. What does he have to lose? Does he think for 1 second that she won't remember them? He is dead wrong if he thinks that. They are her rightful parents and he isn't. HE signed away his rights long ago and needs to get over it. He should've read the paperwork before he signed it. He is wrong, the Cherokees and his family are wrong for hiding & aiding a criminal (possible felon), and she needs to be in SC where she has always belonged.

LovingJesus - 8/16/2013 1:03 AM
2 Votes

LovingJesus - 8/16/2013 12:58 AM
4 Votes
Why aren't these questions being ask to Matt and Melanie Capobianco: Since you arethe media is one sided and never gave the Brown's a chance to have their side heard. 1) Isn't it true Ms Maldonado was ordered to hand over the cell phone so that the entire text message conversation could be viewed? 2) Isn't it true the C's were notified within 3-4 months of Veronica’s birth that Dusten was contesting the adoption? 3) Isn't it true that Dusten was deceived by Ms Maldonado and Nightlight Christian Adoption Agency into signing the document (give name of document, along with legal purpose of document, or how Dusten may have misconstrued the purpose of this document)? 4) Isn't it true the C's had (X#) months to transition Veronica over to Dusten, but refused? 5) Isn't it true that Dusten and his family made numerous attempts during the time Christy was due to have Veronica but Christy did not respond? 6) Isn’t it true that Christy ordered the hospital not to reveal here presence should the Brown family call to inquire? 7) The C's had a chance to visit Miss Veronica and chose not to do to the fact they can't KIDNAP KIDNAP her and take of to SC where they are protected. 8)Little Miss Veronica belongs with her Daddy Dusten 9) The C's knows this but the TRUTH is they can't recoup the money they lost to the BIO MOM so they will TEAR MISS VERONICA APART because they feel THEY OWN her. Truth is SHE IS NOT PROPERTY.

Inked Mom - 8/15/2013 11:46 PM
4 Votes
The "C's" want the baby they paid for.She will NEVER love them. She will in fact want to be with her father and remind them of just that.

Brokenarrowmom - 8/15/2013 11:12 PM
2 Votes
A pattern of getting attention, demanding action, negatively spinning cooperation. Very sad.
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