Broken Arrow chiropractor's sign makes drivers uncomfortable

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Updated: 5/07/2013 9:05 am Published: 5/06/2013 10:37 pm

Broken Arrow drivers contacted FOX23 News after doing a double take while driving past a chiropractor’s office at 91st Street and South Elm. 

The outdoor sign, a message board, has written in it: “You are a chained slave to a bad back.  Get help here!”

One driver told FOX23 news, “I could not believe that was what I read on my home.  I turned back around and stopped to take a picture.  I hope that message is not meant to be malicious. That recent movie Django Unchained just came out and I saw it and so the image of chained slaves is very visual for me.”

Another driver saw a Facebook post of the picture and went by 91st and Elm to see the sign for himself.

“I was surprised too,” said Jacob Washbourne.  “It is not appropriate and it has racist undertones.”

Washbourne would like to see the sign taken down.

FOX23 News went into the chiropractor’s office to ask him why he chose that wording for his message board. Dr. Royal Langford explained his chiropractic mentor, who has passed away, used to use a similar phrase.

“Dr. Parker would always say ‘You are a chained slave to anyone you dislike, and I decided that would make a good reader board,” said Dr. Langford. “You are a chained slave to a bad back. The idea is maybe they will get the idea to get some chiropractor adjustments. I thought that was a good way to get their attention. Apparently, it got somebody’s attention.  It’s not meant to be anything negative.”

Dr. Langford has been a chiropractor in Broken Arrow for 35 years.  He is 75-years-old and has been putting messages in his board for more than twenty years. 

“I change the message two or three times a week- sometimes 16 times a month,” said Dr. Langford.

He records each one by taking its picture and putting it into binders with the month and year printed on each page with each picture.

“I have hundreds, maybe thousands it seems like, of these pictures,” said Dr. Langford.  “One of my favorite messages is the one about the chained slave.  We used Dr. Parker’s phrase a few years ago, and last week I changed it a little to reference the back. I am in the back business.” 

He says he never meant to offend anyone but he plans to keep the message up there until Wednesday when he plans on putting a new message up.

Drivers, like Washbourne think it would be better if he took it down.

“From a business perspective, I think he would be better off taking it down sooner rather than later,” said Washbourne.

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labrat - 5/21/2013 10:17 AM
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I see his sign almost every day. Most of the quotes are ridiculous, and usually include incorrect grammar or misspellings. I would never go to him because of this.

Jchbrooks - 5/7/2013 10:30 PM
1 Vote
I do not see anything wrong with the sign. It's a figure of speech and not meant to be insensitive or racist. It's just something for people to complain about and give them reason to judge. Sorry folks, no one here on Earth has the right to judge. Get a grip people, stop looking for reasons to claim racism, when it's clearly not what was intended. "Don't be a chained slave to your own judgmental words". The verb "slave" means to work excessively hard. Being chained is to be fastened or secured. If you have a bad back, it's hard to do everyday activities of daily living which makes you chained to life of pain. The use of this chiropractor's words is not speaking of actual chained up people working as slaves! Come on now!

kindagreywolf - 5/7/2013 4:49 PM
2 Votes
With all this Oklahoma Heat and cold, I am so shocked to see this many thin skinned people. Come on, put on your big boy panties and quit taking signs the wrong way.

rwill04 - 5/7/2013 4:42 PM
0 Votes
He needs to change the sign it is not a good phrase to use. He is wanting to get people attention with it, or just showing how he thinks. As for the people that says to keep it I would suggest to you to be more sensitive to our US history.

Navy Bugchaser - 5/7/2013 2:13 PM
2 Votes
What color should he have made the sign? If it were Red,white and green, that might offend the Italians. Orange, white, and grenn-the Irish, red, white, and blue- The French, the Brits, Americans,Canadians,etc. Red and yellow-probably the Spanish, Pale blue, black and white-possibly one of those from the Caribbean islands. Get the point? If you associate a set of colors with some racial group, then you are bound to offend someone. Perhaps it may have been unfortunate that the colors chosen could be related to the African race, but one person below mentioned that this sign was out before the mentioned movie. Perhaps, the good doctor likes the combination of Red, black and Green. The point also is that no matter what one does, there may be someone invariably offended by it. This use to be a majority rule nation. Now any squeaking wheel can make the rest of the country quake. If you don't like the sign, if you don't like seeing a cross on somebody's yard or in a public place, a creche and menorrha at CHRISTMAS time (Not HOLIDAY SEASON), then DON"T LOOK AT IT!!!!!!!!! Don't screw it up for others, just because you don't like it. WHO ARE YOU that you should be able to dictate what the majority can do, anyways? THat is why this country was founded, so that we can have freedom of expression and freedom to worship without being harassed or thrown in prison because it offended someone.

Beans - 5/7/2013 1:55 PM
2 Votes
I'm Jewish and suffer from occaisional low back pain. As someone who is decendend from slaves and whose grandparents survived the Holocaust, I do not see this sign as offensive.

Navy Bugchaser - 5/7/2013 1:44 PM
0 Votes
You knos...political correctness has definitely run amok! Come on! Do people really get offended by such things, really? I don't understand how people could have made such a wild leap that there was a malicious meaning behind the sign. I have worked in the medical field for over 34 years, twenty in the Navy and now with the V.A. and I saw nothing wrong with the sign's verbage. Seriously, if you have had back chronic back pain, I would think that you would agree with the sign, that pain enslaves those suffering from it. Only people who want to make an issue out of every little thing, to make it sound racial or offensive to some little group, would go ballistic over the sign. It's just like a team named the "Redskins" or "Braves', etc. I am part Cherokee and I have never been offended by any team that uses such monikers as their team mascot. And let's not talk about if the good doctor had put a Christian message with it. Oh, Lord, there would be such a tar and feathering party about that one. Come one people! Lighten up. Not everything needs to be considered a racial or some other type of slur attached to it.

Jolie - 5/7/2013 11:37 AM
0 Votes
That's not the side I found bothersome. While I know Dr. Langford meant well (we can all agree that serious back problems get in the way of functioning normally in life), I did think the side facing south to be worse: (paraphrased: "If you have a bad back, you have nothing." That's so negative for those who may have plenty in their lives, despite their physical limitations and handicaps and even worse, for those who have troubles beyond their back pain.

goodwinboi - 5/7/2013 11:30 AM
2 Votes
Seriously the whole racial thing needs to end for Gods sake! If this really offends someone they are very pathetic. And I suppose if I say I want WHITE milk instead of CHOCOLATE milk then im being racist?!??! damn idiots!

Wadeckiburn - 5/7/2013 10:37 AM
1 Vote
Wow, I just read these comments and agree with them wholeheartedly. Come on People, get a life, that sign was created before that movie, and no one seemed to have a problem before it. This is such a POLITICALLY CORRECT nation that it`s disgusting, you can`t say/do anything in this country without someone bit**ing "it`s not right". Yes, I`m black and didn`t see anything wrong with the colors of the sign or the free advertising. We will not be a United nation until we see things as they really are. It was just a joke. As Shatner said" Get a (freaking) life" and GROW UP.
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