Bicyclists Killed Near Sand Springs

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Updated: 6/10/2009 8:31 pm Published: 6/09/2009 6:25 pm

Two bicyclists have been killed after a driver hit them with an SUV on State Highway 51 near 165th West Avenue Tuesday afternoon around 4:00.  OHP reported early Wednesday that the victims are 33-year-old Christa Voss of Owasso, who died on the scene, and 34-year-old Matthew Edmonds, of Tulsa, who was lifeflighted and pronounced dead at St. John. 40-year-old John Moore was also injured, but was treated and released.

Troopers arrested 38-year-old Tausha Borland of Sand Springs.  She is being held in the Tulsa County Jail on two complaints of first degree manslaughter, which each carry a $50,000 bond.

Highway Patrol Troopers say the bicyclists were riding as a group along the highway when Borland, driving a silver Ford Explorer, inexplicably swerved off the road and hit them.  Troopers say she stopped her vehicle about a quarter mile down the road after the bicyclists were struck. 

OHP conducted a blood alcohol test on the driver but those results have not yet been released.  The complaints listed on the Tulsa County Jail website do not include alcohol-related complaints.  A check of court records shows Borland was arrested in 2007 in Sand Springs on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.  In that case, she pled guilty to a lesser charge of driving while impaired and received a six month suspended sentence.

Witness Sherrie Catron describes the scene as nothing less than horrific.  She and other drivers stopped to help immediately following the accident.  Bicycle parts were strewn all over the road and tire marks were visible on the road, shoulder, and grass off the side of the highway. 

OHP Troopers say the area is popular with Tulsa's cycling community, and say drivers must take precautions.

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slimjim - 6/11/2009 9:24 PM
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ALurker999, it appears from your posting you have all the facts about this accident. Were you there? You state FACTS were provided. I doubt very seriously if you know the real facts, only what someone has told you. If I were you, I believe I would leave that issue about intelligence alone.

ALurker999 - 6/11/2009 12:02 PM
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Story was presented. Facts were provided. 3 bicyclists were struck by a motorized vehicle. 2 of the bicyclists died. Motorist continued on but was stopped by another motorist. Motorist that struck the bicyclists tried to take off. A third motorist stopped the motorist that struck the bicyclists. If anything, the motorist that struck the bicyclists attempted to flee the scene of an accident. How that motorist not "see" or "hear" anything of this accident leaves me to believe that the motorist was impaired somehow beyond the intention of driving a vehicle safely and is at fault. Period. Now, addressing the idiots that bring in the argument of "duh, gee, the bicyclists were at fault and shouldn't have been on the road", BICYCLISTS SHARE THE SAME RIGHTS ON THE ROADS AS MOTORISTS. GET OVER IT AND ACCEPT IT! The argument doesn't hold water and doesn't belong here. And to bikingmike - wher u lrnt to spel? Your intelligence shows.

Trigirl9296 - 6/11/2009 9:53 AM
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Ashely from Tulsa... A)You cannot spell worth a damn B)Your ignorance is absolutely atrocious, and C)I'm going to guess that you are overweight, don't exercise, and therefore, are one of thousands of people out there who could care less about us who do exercise! It shows in every post on here! Have some respect and don't respond anymore until you get a clue!

bikingmike - 6/11/2009 9:48 AM
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Fox 23 would you please run a special on state laws & proper riding techinics for bicycles on roadways and recreational trails.there seems to be alot of confussion about who's right/wrong for riding,walking,yielding to others on our streets/paths. IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSS,we all have to share the road,please give us a brake! MIKE/BIXBY

Tashia - 6/11/2009 9:45 AM
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From experience, the people who typically complain about cyclists slowing them down... are people who are a good 50-100-200 pounds overweight, shoving McDonald's in their mouths while they are hanging their head out the window to cuss as they drive by. This story is about a DRUNK DRIVER KILLING PEOPLE. It's not about how someone in a car needs to get to their next fast food restaurant quicker. Thanks.

bmcgee - 6/11/2009 9:10 AM
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Wow, this story has been all over the country now and put in message boards, forums, and all that. I read the story, and then I looked in amazement at the comments that followed here. This lady WAS drunk and tried to flee the scene, yet somehow this turned into a debate about whether or not cyclists belong on the road?!?! Ashley, I could care less if your kids are 3 minutes late to their Dr's appointment because you had to follow a cyclist for 1 mile at 20 MPH. Here's an idea...maybe teach your kids to be active and get outdoors for some recreational sporting instead of bashing those who chose to live a healthy lifestyle as apposed to playing multitasking speedracer in your absurdly huge SUV. People are dead...and you turn this into a debate with no basis for your argument...very sad.

Robert Foster - 6/11/2009 7:58 AM
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This is so sad but I use to ride motor cycles as well and quite because its not safe the way people drive talking on the phone putting make up on while driving you see and here about cops with all those light on they get hit all the time they have bicycle paths and I have seen them on Avery drive riding in the middle of the road and have came close to hitting them as well some seem like there daring you too wrong attitude. As a child I was taught to ride toward on coming traffic to prevent this form happen.I don t feel they should be on the highways or roads I by a tag. And I don t drive down Avery there are double line s you can be given a ticket for crossing them and the road is unsafe for a car.

DDG84 - 6/10/2009 8:40 PM
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Ashley, I honestly don't think that you "get it"! I understand that your children's lives are the most important thing to you as my child is mine. Is his life in danger by being one minute late to his Dr.s appt? I don't see how you are associating these people riding their bikes with your childs safety. Get over it. We will always allow bikes on the road especially since we are trying to go green. Come to grips with this. You are wearing me out. Just stop complaining. These riders are going through something terrible in thier lives right now. They are all coming here to read this story about their friends and loved ones and you are bashing and complaining nonstop about them and their peers. Complain later if you feel the need. Now is just not the time to do it. Please, be respectful.

ashleytulsa - 6/10/2009 5:39 PM
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"Slow moving" is underated when your on a highway that has minimum speed limits you physically cannot meet.Why not a ticket for that? If I was in my truck going 25 to 30 mph I'm gonna get pulled over no doubt about it. Yeah I'm sorry my childrens Dr appointment is more important my childrens life is more important than you getting to do what you love. That I'm guilty for. Their are proper places to do your riding or your training and the highway is NOT it. I'm very sorry you lost your friend and I pray that he is in a better place today. From what I've heard they were really good people and that say's something. Dr. hornii I don't think I would last very long riding with as hot as it has been. Thank you for the offer though. lol

oo7arkman - 6/10/2009 4:59 PM
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So many of these comments on don't ride your bike on the road make me sick.. A cyclist has THE SAME RIGHT as a motorist to be on the roadways!!! That ignorance is far too prevalent in Tulsa. Bicycles should be treated just as any other slow moving vehicle on the road. Yes you are going to be slowed down by them and they are in your way, but life is not just all about you all the time and wherever they are riding to is more than likely just as important as where you are driving to. You will both arrive and life will be just fine, even if you have to slow down for a few moments. AND AVERY DRIVE.... Is a MARKED bike route. This accident is horrific. It is so very sad that these riders lost their life to yet another careless driver in Tulsa. Yeah, she may have been drunk, but would that really be any worse than if she was completely sober and talking on her cell phone like so many in this town do? Those talking on their cells are just as impaired as someone over the legal blood alcohol limit. (Do a google search, SEVERAL studies on that!!) She made an unexcuseable choice to impair her ability to operate her car and two innocent people lost their life because of it. Drunk or not, she should lose her license and be locked away in a cell.
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