Anti-Breastfeeding Tweet In Tulsa

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Updated: 8/03/2010 10:05 am Published: 8/02/2010 9:51 pm

The tweet heard around the world and it came from a Tulsa coffee shop owner. His comments about breastfeeding went viral in a matter of minutes and really burned moms from Green Country all the way to London.

FOX23’s Abbie Alford reports on the power of social media. 

Double Shot Coffee Company owner, Brian Franklin, says occasionally it has a customer who chooses to breastfeed in his coffee shop.

Monday, it was another customer who came to Franklin and started talking about the mother whose breast was showing in the coffee shop.

Franklin says he got on Twitter to talk about it and never did he intend to offend so many people.

It all started around 10 Monday morning when Double Shot near 18th and Boston tweeted this, “Notice: No breastfeeding at the DoubleShot. Thank you.”

Hundreds of breastfeeding advocates weren’t happy and ironically this tweet was made during World Breastfeeding Week. It’s also illegal to ban a mother from breastfeeding in a public place.

Jennyroby tweeted, “I live in Tulsa and am thinking you may change your tune if you had to listen to my hungry baby cry for just 5min."

Mom’s from New York to California and London weighed in.

Michellew, a mommy blogger from Philadelphia tweeted, “Might I suggest a breast milk latte on the menu? ;)”

And Minnesotajoy, tweeted, “Wow, don't look then. Seems like babies have the right to eat like the rest of us. ;)”

Ballardll from Oklahoma thought the outrage was comical, “The rebel in me now wants a coffee from @thedoubleshot just because the outrage is hilarious."

So about an hour after all the hype, Double Shot retracted and tweeted, “Settle down, folks. We just don't like walking across the room and seeing your breast. Maybe you could do it in private.” A few minutes later the owner added, "Ok ok, breastfeeding allowed again at the DoubleShot. Hey! Breastfeeding all around. :)”

An hour later the owner tweeted again, “I was just kidding anyway. Didn't expect that blow up. Sorry to get you guys riled up."

While breastfeeding advocates are outraged by the Double Shot’s tweets, one of its fans says there’s something every business and tweeter should learn, “Social media lesson for the day: 1) think before you tweet, and 2) @thedoubleshot is still cool in my books,” says jasoncarini.

That’s why social media professors such as Bill Handy from Oklahoma State University says you can apologize for saying something insensitive to a  friend in person but on twitter, you have to apologize to the whole world.

The owner of Double Shot Coffee Company released an e-mail statement to FOX23 News, “Some of the people angry about this were concerned for their individual rights and the right of their baby to eat.  It is as if I had tried to pass a law banning the practice of breastfeeding universally.  The fact is, these people aren't concerned with individual rights.  They are concerned with THEIR rights.  They would not fight for my right to ban breastfeeding in my establishment if I chose to do so. I don't mind if people breastfeed in the DoubleShot, but it's funny to me that people don't consider the rights of others; only their own.  If one really believes in the American dream of individual rights, they must believe in the rights of others to do or think or say things they don't agree with.  My capitalist ideals tell me that business owners should be able to make their own rules and individuals should then decide if they want to support that business or not.  As it is, the over-regulation of our government seems to step in and tell us everything that we can and can't do.  I agree with the rights of people to boycott businesses they dislike, though in this case, people are mislead.  We allow breastfeeding and women do breastfeed when they want,” says Brian Franklin.

Under Oklahoma law women are allowed to breastfeed in public and private places. Women are also allowed to breastfeed in the workplace. Women are also allowed to be exempt from jury duty to breastfeed as well.

Oklahoma State University Social Media Professor Bill Handy will be on FOX23 News Daybreak at 7:45 to share social media etiquette.

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Amaryllis - 8/4/2010 4:36 PM
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Interesting how people don't understand the breastfeeding laws. In most US states, it is not illegal to ban breastfeeding in your establishment, in fact it's not illegal to set a minimum age for entrance (i.e., 21, children over 12). There are a few states in which there are penalties for stopping a breastfeeing mother from feeding, but Oklahoma isn't one of those states. Personally I think it should be up to business owners to decide what kind of clientele they want to serve, and if they don't want breastfeeding mothers, that's up to them. Women do not have the right to breastfeed wherever they feel like it, and mothers need to get over themsleves. Not everyone wants to be around you and your baby, especially if you're sticking your breasts in the kid's mouth.

momof8 - 8/4/2010 8:27 AM
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this guys logic is seriously flawed. of course we all worry about our own individual rights. he is only concerned about HIS RIGHT, the woman whining that she "thought" she saw some breast is only concerned about her rights. my rights end where yours begin and it is your responsibility to maintain your rights and your integrity. if you see something else in public that you don't like, does that violate your right to be there? no. you also have the right to not look or leave. my baby has the right to eat, just as you and i do. if YOU have issues with breasts, please seek professional help and stop trying to discriminate against breastfeeding mothers and their innocent babies.

kindagreywolf - 8/4/2010 7:06 AM
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"Etiquette & Courtesy". Seems no one knows what this is anymore.

crystal51074 - 8/3/2010 11:45 PM
0 Votes
minnesootajo i dont know where you had your baby but when i had my son they sent me home with a pump and futher more you just proved my point about being lazy by complaining about carring a bottle. also if you cant use a pump why cant you use formula to supliment while out in puplic. come on people our we so spoiled that we have forgotted what motherhood is all about.

soontobenewmom - 8/3/2010 5:38 PM
0 Votes
I personally wouldn't care if someone diabetic shot themselves with insulin at a table if they needed to. Same goes if someone had an allergic reaction and needed their epi pen. None of my business and it personally doesn't effect me. It isn't like it is being shoved in my face.

kindagreywolf - 8/3/2010 3:44 PM
0 Votes
Let me ask this. I am an Insulin Dependant diabetic. Should I whip my gut out on the table and inject a needle when it's time to eat? Maybe some place discreet? Granted I won't inject in a bathroom but every time I go out to eat no one ever knows I shot up with insulin. It's kind of called respect. I need my insulin as much as a child needs it's milk, we just don't need to share it with the whole world.

MinnesotaJo - 8/3/2010 1:41 PM
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@landen The point is that during the nursing process, BY LAW it is not considered indecent. MOST moms do their best to cover or be discreet but are not required by law to do so. Instead of assuming we are all exhibitionists, perhaps you should consider that we are not trying to offend you. @crystal51074 Hospitals do NOT just give you a breast pump. I had to go through a huge insurance hassle only to end up paying out of pocket anyway. Have you ever actually tried to pump. If so, you are obviously one of the lucky ones if it was easy for you because for most of us it is rather difficult. Calling us lazy is insulting. If you don't want to see it that means my child should go hungry? Why should I have to carry a bottle around when the law protects my right to nurse my child?

AAlford - 8/3/2010 1:37 PM
0 Votes
It's Abbie Alford and I wanted to thank you everyone for the conversation. This is why we should embrace social media and share our opinions. Thank you again FOX23 fans!

soontobenewmom - 8/3/2010 1:00 PM
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// There are other options, go to a discreet place like a bathroom, bring a bottle of breast milk, leave... etc. Sadly, idiocracy is already taking hold in this country.// Please learn more about breastfeeding before making ill informed statements. Babies need to be fed every few hours, and sometimes more often. You can't really schedule it. There are also problems having a baby accept a bottle and also breastfeed - and expressing breastmilk for a bottle is no easy task! You don't get very much with each try, and it is very time consuming. I am currently six months pregnant, and want to breastfeed because that is what is best for my baby. Not because I want to become a public exhibit, and I do NOT look forward to the first time I'll have to do so in a public place. I'll of course be as modest as possible because I don't care for the idea of strangers staring at my breasts or judging me, but I know they'll do that regardless. It's a shame that people think I'll need to lock either lock myself in a (hot) car, sit in a filthy public restroom or become a recluse just because my child needs to be fed. People need to grow up.

crystal51074 - 8/3/2010 12:42 PM
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look i understand babys need to eat, but the bottom line is i dont want to see it. Thats what they make breast pumps for. Women are getting to lazy to carry prepumped milk. They give you a breast pump for that reason before you even leave the hospital.
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