• Sex offender on the run found in Tulsa

    By: Sara Whaley


    TULSA, Okla. - A sex offender on the run from Iowa was caught in a Tulsa motel.
    U.S. marshals arrested Corey West Thursday in Tulsa after he escaped a halfway house in Iowa about a week ago.
    West has been in trouble in three different states.
    “A criminal history out of Oklahoma, Missouri and Iowa. All involve sex offenses,” said Deputy Marshal Chad Hunt.
    Iowa marshals began an investigation after activity on West’s ankle GPS device suggested that he had removed it. They eventually tracked West to Tulsa.
    Officials were able to track him to the area of 51st and Harvard. West was staying in the Trade Winds Inn.
    “After the arrest, he said he just wanted to get out of Iowa and this is the only other place that he knew of because he did grow up here for a period of time and he did have some extended family members here in the Tulsa area,” Hunt said.
    But that doesn’t discount his criminal past, and court records show that West has sexually assaulted multiple women.
    Hunt said Iowa officials will come get West and take him back there.

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