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Sand Springs man accused of playing both cop and robber

by: Lynn Casey Updated:


TULSA, Okla - Police say an accused burglar took some extraordinary measures to be able to use what he stole.

Sand Springs police say Frank Sudduth broke into his neighbor’s apartment and stole jewelry and a laptop.  But the laptop was password protected, and Sudduth decided to text his victim.

 “Under the pretense of being a security guard, he wanted the password to the laptop under the guise that he was going to file a report,” says Deputy Chief Mike Carter.

When the victim didn’t tell him, police say he got even more desperate. They say he dragged his unsuspecting roommate into it – who had just become a police officer with a different department.

 “He borrowed his roommate’s polo shirt that said “police” on it to try to intimidate the victim into giving the password up for the laptop,” says Deputy Chief Carter.

That didn’t work either, and police arrested him. Ridiculous as THIS case might have been, police say impersonating an officer still a very serious crime.

 “People have to have faith that when they’re dealing with somebody that has a badge that you are indeed dealing with a police officer. It can be a dangerous situation if that person is really a criminal posing as a police officer,” says Deputy Chief Carter.

Sudduth now faces felony burglary and impersonating a police officer charges.