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Residents want drivers to slow down in Tulsa neighborhood

by: Lynn Casey Updated:


TULSA, Okla. - A Tulsa neighborhood wants to take back their streets. FOX23 reported Wednesday that a minivan lost control and hit a house near East 20th Street and South Lakewood Ave.
Neighbors said that drivers coming through the area have created a serious safety concern. Some parents said they don’t even allow their kids to play outside.
“They take it as quickly as they can either direction,” said Brenda Russell.
Wednesday’s crash wasn’t new for the residents. They said there’s been a speeding problem there for as long as they can remember. With 21st Street one block away, neighbors said commuters use their side road to avoid traffic in rush hour and come tearing through the neighborhood.
“Because there’s nothing to slow them down -- there’s no speed bumps, there’s no stop signs, there’s nothing through here,” Russell said.
Cars speed around the corner and if they don’t turn enough they end up taking out a fire hydrant. One time they hit more than that.
“They have actually missed turning, hit the fire hydrant, and went straight into his garage,” Russell said.
That’s why Wednesday’s crash didn’t surprise the residents; it made them angry. Russell told FOX23 she lays in bed at night watching headlights come toward her bedroom and prays the driver turns in time.
“My head and my bed are at my window. We don’t want our baby getting hit,” Russell said.
Russell said residents have made multiple attempts to get stop signs put in.

Heather Campbell, like other kids in the midtown neighborhood, isn’t allowed to play outside unless it’s in her backyard. It’s because drivers speed down her street without a second look, every day.

Heather’s mom Terri has put in a request twice for the city to put in stop signs.

“You find a little form ‘traffic problems’. And you fill that little form out,” Campbell said.

But both requests were denied. Meanwhile, people keep speeding down her street.

“There are no stop signs and there’s no yielding or anything. A lot of times they’re just coming right at full speed right around the corner and keep on going,” Campbell said.

FOX23 called the city Thursday to find out what people like her have to do to make it happen. City officials said they won’t use stop signs to control speeding, only to control traffic flow. The city said neighborhoods can request what’s called traffic calming.

“I had no idea. I’m not sure if anybody else knows. And I really don’t know if anybody else has even tried,” Campbells said.

They can request that the city send engineers to do a traffic study to see whether there should be speed humps. It’s a solution that would make Terri and her neighbors happy. But until then she has a message for those drivers putting her child in danger.

“I can’t imagine that anything is so important to speed through and risk hurting or injuring a child,” Campbell said.

You can call the city’s customer service center number at 918-596-2100 if you want to request a speed study in your neighborhood.