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Police investigate ointment used on sunburned Vinita boys

by: Morgan Downing Updated:


VINITA, Okla. - Vinita Police served a search warrant Thursday for the family of two children who sustained second and third degree burns.

The boys were sunburned when their daycare took them on a field trip last week.  Their mother said the staff did not apply sunscreen.

Vinita police Chief Bobby Floyd told FOX23 that after consulting with doctors, investigators needed to see the lotion that was applied to the boys last Friday night.

When officers asked for the lotion, the aunt who took care of the boys would not give it to them. That’s why a search warrant was issued.

Family members said they wouldn't give up the lotion because they recently obtained legal counsel. The family feels as though they've been harassed.

The search happened Thursday night at the Langley home of the boys’ grandfather. Floyd said his department wants to do a thorough investigation.

“In no way, shape or form is this showing neglect on mom, aunt or grandpa,” Floyd said.

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Police told FOX23 officers are searching the boys’ grandparents’ home for an ointment they said was applied to the burns.

Multiple items were taken from the home in a bag and pictures were taken for evidence. Floyd said at least one of the items was a lotion.

“The aunt gave us a statement that she applied lotion on top of the aloe vera gel on Friday evening and throughout the night,” Floyd said.

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The boys were taken to see a doctor the next day. Floyd said he wants to see if the lotion is petroleum based because that could have intensified the burns and caused the blisters.

“It could also be something we can give the doctors at the Shriner’s hospital so they can do an allergy test or skin test to see if the kids were allergic to anything in the lotion,” Floyd said.

Investigators are following up on several leads and tips.

“We owe it to everyone to investigate all sides,” Floyd said.

The boys are still in Texas being treated for their burns.

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